Join me on a bike ride?

Today we rode our bikes to the biweekly cultural gathering for Indian kids at the Boulder Balvihar, based loosely on the principles of Chinmaya Mission's Bala Vihar. Currently the kids are busy preparing for their Diwali plays and Medha told me that in one part of her play, the kids are going to rap. I'm not really sure what that is all about but I guess I will find out in another two weeks!

It was yet another perfect fall day, sunny and lightly breezy. The breeze always seemed to blow along with me, bringing with it a tide of leaves as company. The ride to the elementary school where Balvihar is held was far more beautiful than the ride back. Funny how the same trail can unleash its magic depending on which direction you travel. It didn't occur to me until I was about halfway through on the ride back that I could record the ride.

It's a little bumpy and a little too long and now very pixelated - thank you, Google Video - but won't you join me anyway?!


Kitt said...

I really did watch all of it! That's awesome. Love the music with it. Very evocative.

Anita said...

Yes, I too really watched all of it! Twice! Nice ride!

delhibelle said...

i did too.
lovely weather,nice ride ,nice music..and yeah, great company:)

sunita said...

I've just come back from a ride :-)And yes, I did watch all of the video.

Nirmala said...

me too! thats a wonderful ride!

Priya said...

I watched it, but play again ?! :P

The blue sky makes everything look brighter and better, love it! Nice choice of background music Manisha, thanks for the ride :)

Anjali Koli said...

Nice trail. You live in such a lovely place.

Mandira said...

I did watch all of it. Nice ride :)

Unknown said...

This was a beautiful post and I did watch ALL of it. Thank you for inspiring me to ride a bike after maybe.....15 years!

Manasi said...

Yes! All of it! What a beautiful ride! Lovely blue skies, awesome fall colors! loved the lilting music too!

Indian Food Rocks said...

Kitt, you did?! Thanks! I was looking for 'open source' music that I could use with my video. The musician is Rob Costlow and I found his albums on jamendo. This particular score is called Bliss. I am still unclear about the third restriction of the CC license: Don't alter, transform or build upon this album. I haven't altered the music but I wonder if using it in a video is "building upon." I'm still trying to find out. If it is a violation then I will have to take the music off the video.

Anita, it really was! It's about 3 miles one way. I mapped it using a tool that Kitt found a while ago: Gmaps Pedometer. And it's not a flat ride either!

Delhibelle, I didn't ride my bike much this year and I regret that. But I am making up for it now!

Sunita, I didn't think anyone would! I got tired of editing it. If I had more time, I might have been able to make it shorter, which might have improved the quality some. But yeah, thanks for watching!

Nirmala, :-D thanks! It is very beautiful out here.

Priya, I didn't think anyone would watch it even once. Play again is like asking for way too much!

Anjali, it is lovely here, once you get used to the brown hues that dominate the landscape for a larger part of the year. The ride to Balvihar is westward and you're looking at the mountains for the most part, making it the better ride. But I like this, too!

Mandira, yay! I can't believe how many of you did! Thanks!

Preeti, I hear you! I had a 20 year break and because of that I am still a little bit of a wimp when I am on a bike: need both hands on the handlebars but I still managed to film this without a g-pod, cannot lift my butt off the seat although I am finally getting about a few inches of air which helps a great deal with the jolts but not much when going uphill!

Bike riding is excellent exercise and very invigorating, too. So get onto that bike soon!

Manasi, thanks! Those are our gorgeous Colorado blue skies! Fall colors are mainly yellow with some reds but not much.

Unknown said... love the blue skies with the fluffy white clouds! yum:)

musical said...

Thanks for taking us along! Incredible fun, isn't it-to ride a bike on such bright, sunny and beautiful day!

"Need both hands on the bike": he he, me too, but isn't it usual :P.

Unknown said...

Manisha its me again.....can i have ur email id ,dunno where to find it...asking at the risk of sounding dumb :(

Pelicano said...

That was pretty cool! Perhaps I, too, will make a film debut sometime soon! :-)

Loved this line: "The breeze always seemed to blow along with me, bringing with it a tide of leaves as company..." Great ode-to-autumn post!

Rachna said...

i shall see this at home, but i bet this musta been nice :)