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What is a blog with no interaction?

I don't know either! What I do know is that I like to hear from my readers. I read every email and truly value your feedback and suggestions. I do my best to respond in a timely fashion but because real life and my family come first, and also due to the volume of queries, I am sometimes unable to keep up or respond to each message. Trust me, it isn't personal.

If your question is related to a particular recipe or post, I encourage you to submit your comment on that post instead of using this contact form. When you do that, it is quite likely that you might get a reply from someone else much smarter and wiser than I am. That ties back into the interaction thing!

In general, I do not do any types of reviews. I do like to give my entrepreneurial friends a shout-out from time to time so please do not mistake that for product reviews. Also, I would request you not to use this contact form to send in requests for product reviews.

Thank you for reaching out! Happy reading and cooking!

If the captcha doesn't display correctly, please click "different words" until you get a clearer set of words. I'm sorry about the inconvenience but this helps reduce spam and gets you a response quicker!