Ready to Puff Roti from Pillsbury

My First IFR Product Review
Rating: Yuk

Pillsbury Ready to Puff Roti

So I got all excited the other day when I saw the "Ready to Puff Roti" in the freezer of my favorite Indian grocery store. A pack of 6 frozen rotis for $1.49 was not a bad deal at all. I usually order 100 rotis for $20 and freeze them in packs of 10. They reheat very well in the microwave and are almost as good as freshly made rotis. So these Pillsbury rotis at 25 cents a piece sounded great especially if they "puffed" up like the one on the package.

With salivary glands in check, we made it home very eager to try these rotis. Maybe I was just too excited and it was not warranted. But tell me, who wouldn't be ecstatic about not having to knead the dough, roll out about 12 rotis, roast them and clean-up the mess on the counter - and in my case, on the floor. My 6 year old loves to make rotis with me. She has her own latna (or belan) and half of the flour goes straight to the floor. "It's because of gravity, Mumma!" Sure. Why not get Newton to come and clean up?!
The Roti that did not

The RTP Roti was a major disappointment. It darkened in color as soon as it thawed on the tava (open griddle). It really was an ugly shade of brown. And out of 6 rotis, only one puffed up completely. There were two others that tried their best to meet the promise of the packaging. Of the remainder, two had holes or had a tear in the middle and the other just didn't even make an attempt and lay there limp and uninterested. Now I think I know how to make rotis "puff" - I have an almost 100% success rate (Ok! 90%!!)

Dejected, we sat at the table to a dinner of dark brown rotis with fabulous guvar that I had made. The taste? More like after-taste. The texture was too smooth to be appealing. They weren't as bad as the rotis we got in our hostel where it was a case of "I-hold-and-you-tear" to get a decent sized scrap to dunk in the watery dal or wrap around some awful subzi. But they're just not worth it. I won't be buying these again, that's for sure. I'd rather make my own and clean up the mess.


Anonymous said...

I've tried them too, and I have to say I've had the opposite experience. They're brown because they're whole wheat, (which I make at home anyways, so I'm used to that). Also, all my rotis puffed to perfection (although one did get a little charred in the process!). My only complaint is that they're too thin, but I figure it's worth missing out on the mess.

Indian Food Rocks said...

Hi Sarojini! Welcome to IFR!

I used to use whole wheat too. (Emphasis on 'used to' cos I haven't made rotis so far this year!!) Maybe I got a bad batch cos the brown was a dark glazed kind of brown? Could it be because this product contains both soybean oil as well as glycerol? I make my dough without any shortening which may bias me further. The taste put me off more than the appearance though!

I didn't think they were thin - I am used to 'thinner'. Then again, a close friend from Nagpur eats the rotis I make under duress. He has to eat "two dozen before he feels like something has gone into his stomach."

What did you do to get them to puff up each time? Perish the thought ;-) but maybe I did something wrong? Let me know cos I have one more packet in my freezer and it's nearing the 'best by' date!

I found another source for rotis in the next town so I am back to ordering a bunch of 100 for $20. Of course my friend from Nagpur won't eat them cos they're super-thin. He needs chapatis from another Gujarati lady who charges $20 for 60.

My daughter on the other hand keeps asking when we will make rotis next...

Indian Food Rocks said...

Hey Raji! Welcome to IFR!

Check your Inbox in a bit for an email from me!

Sushant Gupta said...

My experience with these rotis is superb.I must say if you take the pain to read the instructions,you do get the results.This is the best frozen roti/paratha result I ever achieved and my god I have tried every available brand!Please upgrade the rating coz to say the truth I am a little offended by the yuk rating!!!
Nice to know that somebody does rate this kind of stuff!!!

Unknown said...


My husband lives in manchester UK, He is not getting chapatti which are ready to eat there. Can you help how he can get this there