Spinach Toasts for Oktoberfest

This is what I am taking to our neighborhood Oktoberfest this evening! But first, I have to pick up Medha from a Mini Pom clinic. She's going to be performing at next Friday's football game at the high school. She's very excited!

Recipe in my next post!


musical said...

Lovely stuff for oktoberfest! and best of luck to Medha for the game! That would really deserve a photograph of you cheering :).

Spinach seems to flavor of the day: i amde some spankopita this morning :-D.

waiting for the recipe :).


TBC said...

How clever! Two posts for one recipe ;-)

Swapna said...

Looks damn tasty. All the best to little Medha.

Indian Food Rocks said...

Musical, I haven't yet mustered the courage to work with phyllo. I have one spanakopita recipe bookmarked, with instructions on how to work with the phyllo sheets. One of these days...maybe if you post yours, I might take the plunge!

TBC, hush! Stop giving away all my secrets! :-D

Truth be told though, today was a crazy day and I barely had 5 mins in which to make this post. If I didn't have to rush off to get Medha and then head to Oktoberfest next door, the recipe would have been in this post itself.

Swapna, it's a very simple recipe and a great appetizer for a group that does not care for spice.

Molly said...

Wow Tai..these look delicious and very nice photography..will wait for the recipe..All the best to medha from us..:))

Pelicano said...

What!! You post something that gets me drooling like that and say: "next post"!! Tease... :-D

So Medha will be like a cheerleader?

Kitt said...

Ooh, yummy. Hope Oktoberfest was fun!

Indian Food Rocks said...

Molly, thanks! I just posted the recipe!

Pel, the More than a Recipe series on IFR is what it is called! And, yes, like cheerleading. Her father was not very happy about it. But when he saw the rehearsal, he felt better about it! They had 5 year olds to 9 year olds in the clinic. She showed some signs of my DNA this evening. You know the kind where the wrong limb responds to the right beat? And guess what the song is? Hannah Montana's Pumpn Up the Party. Arrrrrgh!

Kitt, it was a lot of fun! We met a lot of neighbors for the first time. We had people coming in saying "Do you know whose house this is? We live over there..."

KayKat said...


This is an awesome snack. And I love Medha's stories! :)

Re: phyllo - I would totally recommend trying it - really easy to work with and they're great to make into little vegetable tarts using muffin trays.