Heartily Into the Tundra

Old Ute Trail
The tundra was calling

It's mid-September, time for our annual camping trip to Rocky Mountain National Park with the 'hood. I hadn't yet zeroed in on a hike so when my neighbor John suggested the Old Ute Trail, I was all ears. Starting at 11,440ft from Trail Ridge Road, this historic trail climbs about 200ft into the alpine tundra for about 2 miles, before descending 3000ft through subalpine forests and meandering through montane meadows, ending at the Upper Beaver Meadows Trailhead.

Unless you push yourself and move out of your comfort zone, you will never do or see anything new nor have any mind-blowing experiences. That's what I like to tell myself. Either that, or we are gluttons for punishment.

Sunday Snapshots: We Remember 9.11

We Remember, 9.11: A memorial
A 116lb memorial from the World Trade Center

We missed the Memorial Ceremony at the Louisville Fire Station on Main Street this morning. It was Boulder Balvihar's 20th Anniversary. I missed most of that, too.

But later in the afternoon, we drove to the Fire Stations to pay our respects and take pictures, as we always do each year on 9.11. To our surprise, we were invited into the Fire Station on Main Street to look at the piece of history that will rest in our little town—116lbs of warped metal from the Twin Towers.