Sunday Snapshots: We Remember 9.11

We Remember, 9.11: A memorial
A 116lb memorial from the World Trade Center

We missed the Memorial Ceremony at the Louisville Fire Station on Main Street this morning. It was Boulder Balvihar's 20th Anniversary. I missed most of that, too.

But later in the afternoon, we drove to the Fire Stations to pay our respects and take pictures, as we always do each year on 9.11. To our surprise, we were invited into the Fire Station on Main Street to look at the piece of history that will rest in our little town—116lbs of warped metal from the Twin Towers.

We stared at the piece of metal in respectful silence, knowing that it is so much more than rusted metal. At the ceremony they had rung the bell 15 times, like they do every time they have a firefighter down. I could hear the bell in my mind as tears threatened to flood through.

Our fire district is manned by volunteer firemen, funded by our contributions. We could not be more proud of our firemen and women.

We Remember, 9.11: A piece of harsh history
It isn't just a pointed reminder

We Remember, 9.11: Homage
Firefighter down

I drive to this Memorial that our Fire District hosts each year and think of all the lives lost, all the lives affected, here in the US and the world over.

We Remember, 9.11: We thank you
It's a memorial for all lives lost and affected

We Remember, 9.11: Thank you, firefighters
Fire truck memorial

We Remember, 9.11: Fire Station
The flag flies at half mast on Main Street, Louisville

We Remember, 9.11: Fire Truck

We Remember, 9.11: Louisville Fire District
Louisville Fire Rescue

We Remember, 9.11: Always Ready to Serve
Always at the ready, inside the new Fire Station on Main Street

We Remember, 9.11
...we always will.

I wish I had the words to describe how I feel.

All our lives changed that day.

We remember 9.11, we always will.


john k.Tas. said...

congrats Manisha, on your photos and local story on your rememberance of 9 / 11 . the occasion was strongly reported on here,as it affected all of us. in addition, of course, Australians were killed on that rotten day, partiularly in New York. God Bless America ! cheers, john k.

Springer Kneeblood said...

You've written a moving tribute. Humankind suffered on that fateful day. I hope we've learned. I will never be an apologist for the terrorists, but I will never say the rest of the world was without guilt. All of us need to open our hearts to the world. None of us have all the answers, nor all the "right ways" to live our lives.

Indian Food Rocks said...

Thank you, both!