Do you Jowl?

This is way too hilarious to not share via a quick post.

Jowl (joul)

1. The jaw, especially the lower jaw.
2. The cheek.

Jowling (joul-ing)

1. The act of loosening one's facial muscles and shaking one's head wildly from side to side
2. The art of flash photography to capture ridiculous and hilarious expressions on the face of a person indulging in the act as described in #1.

Check out Jowlers.

Hat Tip to two very talented event photographers, Nate and Jaclyn Kaiser, who share their mind-blowing work on their photoblog, the blog is found. Don't miss their to-die-laughing post on jowling.

And on Flickr



Padma said...

That is such an awesome photo blog, gave a totally new dimensions in taking photos. Thanks for sharing Manisha!

Anita said... you jowl? :D

Those are some really relaxed facial muscles!

musical said...

What a fun read that was, Manisha! Thanks for the links, they were great fun :).

Indian Food Rocks said...

I love that photoblog, Padma! It's great to see talented photographers in action, at work and at play! Some of the wedding pictures they take are simply amazing. The mood, the perspective. And they are very young, too.

Anita, I didn't know it was called jowling. The kids around here do it very frequently! You should hear the sound effects! I never thought of taking a picture using a flash to capture some of those crazy expressions, though.

Musical, it was a great post to read, first thing on a Thursday morning of what has been an incredibly l-o-n-g week. So much fun!

Pelicano said...

That is so bizarre... Some of those could be used for black-mail!

I loved many of the photos on that blog- especially the one of that couple attached by a long ribbon.

Saju said...

great pics! hehe

bee said...

i tried jowling in front of the mirror. i just can't.

Srivalli said...

well I just tried jowling in front of this monitor okie...nothing works out as that!!

sunita said...

That was so much fun to read indeed...and the picture :-D...need I say more :-D


ha must try out

Cynthia said...

Yeah, this was too good to keep to yourself :)