Hallowe'en mania

The Hallowe'en party was a day earlier this year as the kids have tomorrow off from school. I did not make monster and ghost cupcakes this year; instead I was asked to bring 2 peeled grapes. I bought a whole box of the best grapes I have ever bought in a rush from Safeway and drove like the wind to school, only to find that they were needed for the parade and not the party. The parade always precedes the party and the kids in one corner of the building stand up and file through each class. As the line ends, the last class that they paraded through joins the line. When the kids reach their own classroom again, they sit down so every class gets to see everyone else in the school.

The fifth graders moved their desks out of the way, made a path using room dividers and darkened the room as they awaited the first of the Hallowe'en ghouls. They scared the daylights out of the kindergartners who exited crying or saying they were not feeling very happy. Needless to say, the fifth graders were mighty thrilled that their ploy worked!

You want to know about the grapes? Well, I was supposed to take a box, too, and the kids who walked in were going to be dared to put their hands into the box. What would they feel? Tch! Not grapes; stay with the theme, please! Eyeballs! It didn't exactly work that way for several reasons: I was late, I had no box and the other kids were too scared already to even want to look at a fifth grader. I messed up but it didn't really matter or at least that is what I am telling myself.

The Hallowe'en punch

Yes, that green hand was rather gross. It was frozen and had gummy worms in it which made it look even worse.

Medha's costume this year was not as innovative as her shower costume was last year. She didn't plan ahead and put together this Funky Cat costume the night before with the accessories we had at home. She forgot to make a tail and I had to quickly cut off the sleeve of one of her black tees, stuff it with paper and take it with me to the party. One of the reasons I was late.

I thought this costume was pretty cool. But everyone else thought it was lame although they were polite enough not to say anything. There were Sumo wrestlers, boys dressed as girls in strappy dresses and high-heeled shoes, Darth Vaders, peanut butter and grape jelly cans - some homemade, others mostly store-bought. That was when she decided that she needed another costume for tomorrow. And, I shouldn't have but I played along.

Beading is what we're busy with right now. She had bought these skull beads a couple of weeks ago but was just so busy that she didn't have a chance to do anything with them. The picture's not that great but if you peer at thenecklace, you might find something interesting going on there. (Note to Pel: unless you want another RMT slammed on you, you might want to let the others take a shot at figuring it out. Cos this one I know you know!) We bought some leftover Hallowe'en stuff at 30% off from Target and the new costume is being put together. Keep your fingers crossed for her (and me) that this one works!

Tomorrow, we meet at a neighbor's for soup, after which the kids hit the streets begging for candy. It's going to be a warm Hallowe'en with temperatures in the 50s and 60s. Yay! We will see costumes this year instead of outerwear!


Pelicano said...

That necklace is absolutely divine, and I'm not fibbing!

Well, I liked the last-minute kitty costume- quite cool, but of course am looking forward to seeing tomorrow's...such lengths you go through!

Anita said...

That costume is funky alright!

Well, since Pel didn't leave any hints (that I can see)... there are skull beads, there are red beads, there are black beads, the string is looped around the skull (noose?) and there are skull beads as earrings... Let me stare some more...

TNL said...

oooohh.....I like that costume!!! My sons are boring, one's going to be Iron Man and the other Superman. *bah*

that hand in the punch is yucky indeed.

Be safe and have loads of fun.

Unknown said...

I follow your blog regularly though commenting on it for the first time. Love your recipes and write-ups. I have a 3 year old so am very interested in your parenting tips :-)
Is that necklace using the Fibonacci sequence? Like the colors. Hope Medha has a fun Halloween.

Sangeeth said...

Happy Halloween...lovely necklace and also luved ur cupcakes n costumes...

Rajesh &Shankari said...

First I thought the skull is committing suicide LOL and then I decided that nothing can be more scarier than the standard dress suit colors of Sarah Palin :)

Thistledew Farm said...

Loved the commentary! I can relate to running behind because I filled to much into the morning!

Nabeela said...

Is there a fibonacci sequence going on? It pleases my math heart to see that :D

Indian Food Rocks said...

Pel, the necklace turned out pretty cool! I didn't know how to attach the clasp so we had to take it to the beads shop to get it done. The last minute costume was great I thought, but tell me what you think of the other last minute costume!

Anita, she pretty much pysched anyone who saw her today.

You really didn't get it? He wrote about it in one of his posts!

Trupti, tell me what you think of today's costume. Hope you and your little fellas had a blast trick or treating today!

Kiran, ding! ding! ding! Except that there should have been one red bead and one black bead on each side to start off with but since I am not that nit-picky a mathematician - more like we were too deep into the necklace before we realized it - we're letting it go! So glad you delurked! Did your son dress up for Hallowe'en?

Now what prize shall we give you?! You don't have a blog so maybe you can start one and that is your - no! OUR - prize! What say?!

Sangeeth, thank you! Those cupcakes were yum!

R&S, I was very tempted to do it again but I just didn't have the time!

Melissa, yeah! Too much to do and not enough time! Hope you had a great Hallowe'en!

Nabeela, you bet there is! And I think we counted the beads properly except for the first basic mistake!

Anita said...

I knew Pel was trying to say something - how can he pass an opportunity for a cryptic clue?! I should have looked closer - i did answer his quiz correctly....

Rachna said...

heee i loved Medha's last year's shower costume though... Dev was a pumpkin, you saw the pics already, I guess