Leftover Matters: Chicken-n-Cheese Sandwich

Long day at work? Day 2 of rotisserie chicken? Don't know what to do for dinner? Make toasted chicken-n-cheese sandwiches.

Chop some onion really fine

Slice some Thai chillies

Pull off and chop cooked chicken meat, mix in chopped onions, green chillies and grated cheese. Add some salt, if you feel the need.

Butter an even number of slices of bread

Pile high with chicken and cheese mixture on the side that is not buttered.

Bring out that neglected sandwich maker

Toast with buttered sides on the outside of the 'wich.

Enjoy with ketchup or chutney.



Vicki said...

My sandwich maker is so neglected I forgot I had it. Time to haul it out for this sandwich!

Nirmala said...

mmm...crunchy chicken sandwich. But the black and white pics are not doing justice to the golden crisp sandwiches !

Desisoccermom said...

Ok, that is a totally new take on the left over rotisserie chicken sandwich I make. I do the mix the mayo, mustard and onion for a chicken salad sandwich but this sounds good. What's with going monochromatic?