Chakli, a noun

Chak·li (chŭk·lē)
A crunchy, crispy, savory, deep-fried, spiral-shaped Indian snack made using flour and spices.

Recipe coming up tomorrow because someone who adds 1/2 cup of salt to orange juice to make sugar syrup is deemed to be exhausted. Hey, at least I started on my faraal for Diwali. How about you?



Nirmala said...

mmm..the flour will be ready by night and we ae planning for a chakli feast too. Yeah I made a couple of sweets. The kaju katli from Vegge Yum Yum is really a breeze and could challenge any sweet shop in Chennai ;) And the wheat halwa turned to a hard rock. Thats a separate story altogether ;(

Jen Yu said...

that looks awesome and i have no idea if it is sweet or salty - but i trust you because your cooking is phenomenal. don't be surprised if i show up with a pillow and sleeping bag on your front doorstep one night because of all your posting of delicious indian food late at night! xxoo

Desisoccermom said...

Haven't had chakli in years, cause don't have the equipment or the patience to make it. I have made the naralachi vadi though, with ricotta and condensed milk. Made some shankarpale but they have turned soft with the rains and the humidity we are experiencing in Tx. Any tips on crisping them back?
Oh! am planning to make chiwada tmrw.

Srivalli said...

Lovely picture...I may make these for the festival..not planned on what to do..but should be doing something!

Nandini Vishwanath said...

Blue nailpolish! :D Medha rocks with the chakli :)

Anita said...

Ummmm I hope I get to it this year - last year it got left out. They are A's fave Diwali faraal!

Jaya: Nuke the shankarpali in the microwave of warm up in the oven a bit; they should be as good as new!

What - you couldn't tell between salt and sugar?! I am so glad our sugar is c-o-a-r-s-e! What are you going to do with it? I guess it had to go down the drain! maybe I sd make your barfi this year - if I can find me some good oranges...

Shilpa said...

Chakli..I love them.
This year we are going to have a no-celebration Diwali. Will go to a friend's house for lunch on Saturday. Thats all is the plan for now.

Indian Food Rocks said...

Nirmala, we just ate through a big box of cashews so I will wait till December to make that. I have it bookmarked. Sorry about your wheat halwa. :-(

Jen, you will like it. It's salty. Come over any time, you know I will be awake! ;-)

Jaya, got recipe for narlachi vadi? I would put them in the oven. I am not a fan of crisping in the microwave. But that's me. Try a few in the microwave and see if you like the resulting texture and then decide how you want to proceed with the rest.

Srivalli, not planned? That does not sound like you! Today is the first day of Diwali or at least that is how we celebrate.

Nandini, it's all chipped cos I yell when she spends too much time on shringar.

Anita, you should have seen them disappear! I had to remind everyone that they are fried and that there is dinner to be had!

I won't be the first to confuse salt with sugar in my house. My niece added several teaspons of salt to her tea when she visited me for the first time. The problem arises because we hardly use sugar. Organic sugar is easy to tell from salt even if you choose to ignore the label on the container. I am trying to finish the last of my white sugar and, like a total fool, made a beeline for salt instead.

And it's burfi. Otherwise, it is said barf-ee. I sent Medha to borrow some much needed OJ from the neighbors - hey, they borrowed oil from me last time so it's perfectly ok! - and the Dad commented that if I was making barf-ee, the salt will only assist in the process of upchuck. Great sense of humor he has. Not.

TheCooker said...

oooh the bloo nailpolish!
so you are making your aai's orange burfi?

Silpa said...

I love chakli very much,back in India if it is festive season means whole house is flavored wth this smells.

Anonymous said...

ooh- yum! Chakli/muruku..*grabs*

Even though it's not funny at all- I couldn't help smiling when I read about the salty sugar syrup..:)
But I do offer my sympathies.