A Diwali feast

We had a small Diwali celebration today. No, it doesn't end for me. And certainly not until I have celebrated with some of my dear friends. That makes it even more special. I made everything I has made last week all over again - chakli, chavde, shankarpali, and orange burfi - and also made pohe and khaman dhokla. I wish I had had the time to make the khaman from scratch but unfortunately, my schedule is so tough this month that I caved in and did the unforgiveable - gasp! - I used a ready mix. I recommend Chitale's mix. (No, they haven't paid me to say so nor given me free products. I just like it.)

Kitt brought chivda:

One of the nicest things about food blogging is when a recipe from my blog makes it way back into my home through someone else's kitchen. The next time I have a craving for chivda, I'm going to be looking in Kitt's direction. She is now Queen of Chivda! A friend of mine, who makes a killer chivda herself, loved Kitt's chivda and couldn't stop eating it!

Teri brought made pomegranate mimosas for all of us. Nichole brought spicy Punjabi aloo and Kitt's Mom brought soan papdi.

I know this post is over an hour late but I am hoping the NaBloWriMo Gods will forgive me. You see, as soon as one set of friends left, another set arrived and some of them are still here! I could also blab on and bore you but why don't you do yourself a favor and head on over to Jen's and take a look at the fabulous pictures she took today? Including the one where I look like I am scolding the pohe into behaving...



Srivalli said...

How sweet Manisha...the pictures are looking good..and yeah you wanted to hear right..you look good!..hahah

Unknown said...

I should have been at your place!

musical said...

Chivda!! The stuff dreams (and gappa-goshti sessions) are made of :). I should make some soon, just lazy..and i don't want to think of making some without fresh curry leaves :(

The orange burfi must have been luscious! I remember having had something similar long time ago (when i was a kid)-there is a sweet shop back home and they make burfis with different flavors. Their chocolate and coconut burifs used to my favorite and then i tried the orange burfi, it was yummy! The closest taste to that i've experienced recently is the Bengali Kamla kheer (orange kheer).