Rock the Attitude

The Loot:

The Costume:

$5.00 for the gothic cheerleader wig
$3.50 for the goth makeup (eyelashes, black nail polish, black lipgloss)
$4.00 skull tee-shirt
Handmade skull earrings and skull necklace, purchased using a gift certificate.
Fishnet tights, should have been returned as they had a hole in them but oops! her mother lost the receipt and then forgot and before she knew it, it was over 90 days.
Total cost was more than the ten dollars I was willing to pay but she rocked the costume.

Best Hallowe'en ever.


Pelicano said...

Actually, I've had friends who would purposely rip holes in their all in good taste! ;-)

I assumed that center black bead was acting as part of both sets- it's not what you wear, but how you wear it! :-D

Anjali Koli said...

Manisha, Medha looks so cute and look at her style! I would tell you "Tichi drushta kadha"

Kitt said...

Awesome costume! Hopefully not shades of the teenager to be ;-)

And Unicef boxes! I had no idea kids still do that. We all did it in middle and high school when it wasn't cool anymore to just trick-or-treat for candy (that's for babies!), but we still wanted to go out and run around in the dark. And get candy along with our pennies.

Hope you guys had fun!

Anita said...

That pose is so much attitude!
You rock, Medha!

Anita said...

You already had the stockings?

Rachel said...

Now that is definitely an apt attitude!!!I just love the funky wig.

Purnima said... look so cute n have carried the "$10+" so gracefully! Ur Mom ROCKS!! I wish I can b such a terrific MUM too!
Manisha..I second Anjali in 'Drushta' matter!Also the camera-person is in danger of 'Drushta' :D (pick some chillies n salt n rai..IFR!)

Betts said...

Sounds like a screaming deal to me. If you want to feel better about the cost, read my Oct 30 post. She looked great too!

Indian Food Rocks said...

Pel, you couldn't see the rip which is why she wore them. She would have refused otherwise!

I didn't think of the center bead playing a double role. Now that you put it that way, there is no mistake in the necklace!

Anjali, aaj kadtey!

Kitt, I certainly hope this is not a sign of what's to come, especially since I aided and abetted! :-D

The UNICEF boxes were a huge hit and many people actually donated them dollar bills instead of their spare change and pennies! She collected about $18.

Anita, that she does!

Um, yes, I already had the stockings. Why?

Rachel, me too! I will be getting my head into it soon!

Purnima, I only know how to do it with salt. :-D

Betts, the costumes you designed and then sewed are incredible! I would not have had the patience! You are way cool!

Bharti said...

That is a such a cool look! Nice going.

Anita said...

Just that I never had a pair like that - the ones I had, I hardly wore. Stockinged legs are so not me - I was never able to carry them. Thankfully, they don't make sense in India at all!

The nazar thing: with chillies you are supposed to take a bunch of red chillies and circle her face with it a couple of times (the way you do with a puja thaal) and throw them on to a fire (or the cook stove).... If they don't make you sneeze then there was an evil eye (which you are now rid of)... or so the belief. How does the salt thing work?

musical said...

Awesome costume! Mom and daughter duo totally rocked it! And Medha wore it with a cool attitude!

Liza on Maui said...

Totally cool!
I was in Gothic theme too. I need to ask my friend to send me a photo she took of me. But your photo is way cooler! :)

Unknown said...

medha looks cute and edgy!!!!! yay to her !!! glad to know she had a funnn time....psst manisha, any chances she would share her loot with me...:)

Thistledew Farm said...

Oh My - she looks fab....what fun!

A, mama of twins said...

manisha, medha looks too cool. i love the look. my hunnypots have a ways to go before looking like that!!! :)

Momisodes said...

Wow! She looks awesome!

Looks like Halloween was a success :)

So glad to see you again. Thanks so much for stopping by! I've missed you.

Rachna said...

awwwww she looks soooooo coooool!!! nice and affordable too, dev's pumpkin cost is 18 bucks :)

Anjali Koli said...


We hold the salt in the fist. Move the hand vertically facing the person and mutter something like "Char dishyanchi, chidi mungi chi, mothyanchi ani lahanchi sagli ida pida nighu de" :P that's what I remember grandma doing it for me.

My Dad admonished Mom on these things so she never did it or if I was really ill then she did it quietly when Dad was not around.

Anita said...

That'll work!

Mandira said...

wow, medha looks so cute with that hair and style! very creative and different :)

syeda said...

Manisha, Medha looksso good, Just like a Rock star:)

Sunshinemom said...

Your kid has some attitude! Born star! Do tell her she rocks like her Mom's Food:)