Passing the Buck(wheat)

I knew I should have banned him from attempting an answer but I didn't. And answer it correctly, he did. These are buckwheat berries.

And I think all of you will agree that there should be a prize! Right? There's just one problem: the prize or award always goes to the blogger. Not my prize. In this case, the real prize goes to all of you, readers of Elaichi et Cetera because I am actually passing the buck with the buckwheat! Pel is going to have to

  1. find something stranger than strange and,
  2. post it on his blog within the next two weeks.
  3. The quiz remains open for at least 1 day and at the most 2 days.
  4. The person who guesses it correctly gets the torch and is the next host for Riddle Me This.
  5. If the person who guesses correctly is the previous host, then that person will get to pick someone to pass the buck to from all those who made a guess. (The lucky person can be a previous host, just not the host who passed it on to you.)
  6. And so on.
  7. Please use the fabulous logo, designed by yours truly:

    and link back to the host who passed the baton on to you.
  8. Please do your best to keep this alive. Just think of how much fun it will be!

I haven't forgotten you, Anita. Since the triangular seeds were such a dead giveaway, you too, my dear, have been awarded with the same prize.

Now, dear readers, do you see why this is really a prize for you? Two of my your favorite bloggers will be posting again within a week! Isn't this the most ingenuous of all schemes?!


Anita said...

Now, why would you emphasise what I wrote in the comments?! Surely there are not too many of those kind around?

Nice idea... Aren't you full of them? And a brilliant logo to top it! That Pel will have to post now! There is those banana cornmeal pancakes too that he is planning to make and hopefully blog...

Anjali Koli said...

Manisha wiki says buckwheat flour is used in fasting food. So what is it Rajgira or Vari/bhagar? My guess is it should be Rajgira because it says flour. Vari/ Bhagar is mostly used whole.

And this riddling is going to be fun!!!

Few days ago I did a riddle but no one guessed. Give it a try gals.

bee said...

rajgira ia amaranth flour.

Pelicano said...

This is total entrapment! How will I ever work it into my next post that I've been slaaaaaaaving over? Tell me that- hmmm?! And then... another post 2 days later?!! That's just not my style...

And then, to find an unusual food item to use... oh calloo, oh callay...oh woe to me and my big mouth. :-(


Indian Food Rocks said...

Anita and Pel, the clock is ticking...

Anita, The banana cornmeal pancakes for Riddle me this? You said it! I didn't. Now that is truly stranger than strange!

Anjali, honestly I never came across buckwheat berries or the flour in India. Anita says it is called kuttu and wiki has that same info. It is not rajgira, as Bee notes above.

Bee, merci beaucoup. You will win RMT next. I am sure!

Pel, work it? This has to be your next post. Interrobang! If you are signed up for NaBloPoMo, you will thank me for giving you fodder for two posts. But since you are lazier than I am, you could just go ahead and update the post with the answer.

As I said, the clock is ticking. Otherwise you will be responsible for killing such a fabulous idea! And who want s to be labeled a murderer? Not you, surely!

Rachna said...

yeah good idea :)