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The 2009 Special Olympics World Winter Games will be held from 7th to 13th February 2009 in Boise, Idaho. These games are expected to draw at least 3,000 athletes from over 100 countries and 6,000 volunteers.

Coats & Clark, makers of Red Heart® Super Saver® yarns, is sponsoring a project to provide each athlete with a scarf created in white (311) and delft blue (885). The goal is 5000 scarves. And that's where we - knitters and crocheters, hobbyists and professionals, novices and experts - come into the picture.

Completed scarves should be sent to:
2009 Special Olympics World Winter Games Scarf Project
3150 West Main Street
Boise, Idaho 83702

and must arrive before January 15, 2009.

Personal notes from knitters and crocheters who want to send their best wishes to the athletes are encouraged and should be firmly attached to the scarves, which will be handed out before the Opening Ceremony.

The pattern can be anything from basic stitches to complicated colorwork and stitch patterns. But remember that only delft blue and white must be used.

And no, Coats and Clark is not giving away the two skeins you will need to make this scarf - you will have to buy them. At approximately $2.97 per skein, you will be short less than $7 and some of your time.

What's in it for you? Knitting and crocheting are very relaxing activities. Just like stirring. Anita will agree with me on the former even though she decries the latter. You will have donated to a very worthy cause and an athlete could be wearing the scarf that you made to keep them warm during the 2009 Special Olympics. These scarves will be handed out during the Opening Ceremony and I am sure Bee will volunteer to take pictures for us all.

You need patterns? Here are some to start you off:
  1. Coats and Clark has two patterns, one for knitting and one for crocheting.
  2. The Crochet Dude has a lovely ruffled pattern
  3. The Scarf Directory for simple and complicated patterns.
  4. Bev's Special Olympics Winter Games Scarf (novice)
  5. Eyelet & Garter scarf by Piece by Piece (average difficulty)
  6. Many Loops by Cindy Carlson (free download for Ravelry members)
  7. Special Scarf from Crochet Today (pdf)(average difficulty)
  8. Love Scarf from Crochet Me (average difficulty. This scarf uses 4 colors but can be adapted for 2 colors.)
  9. Garter and Stockinette Scarf by Piece by Piece. This pattern can be color-blocked for blue and white by changing colors midway through the garter stitch section.
  10. Two Tone Scarf by Nancy Livengood (pdf) (average difficulty)
  11. Knit your Bit 2008 patterns from The National WWII Museum
  12. Super Saver Scarf patterns on Ravelry
There are innumerable more free patterns for scarves on the Internet. Or make up your own!

So! Who's willing to throw in their hat and make a scarf? I am definitely in! The only problem I have had thus far was laying my hands on the yarn. I couldn't find the delft blue at Michael's. I'll have a gander in Joann's and then head for the nearest W-store.

If you do make the scarf, take a picture before you mail it off and indulge in some show-and-tell on your blog. If you don't have a blog, email me your photo with the name of your pattern and where you found it and I'll be happy to post it for you. I will be a really happy camper if you do this before October 31 and I think we all know why!

Happy Stirring Knitting and Crocheting!


Pelicano said...

That's a very nice cause! I know these scarves will be much appreciated and treasured for a very long time. Perhaps I will make one too- do we have to use yarn?

Mamatha said...

Count me in. Before October 31st?? I'll try.

P.S: Blogger seems to block me every now and then. Didn't let me comment on your previous posts.

bee said...

yes, i will volunteer at the olympics and to take pics for everyone. but i can't knit or crochet.

Priya said...

I will join too, but only if you tutor me :) and I will surely send you the photos, on the 1st :D

~hmmm, click, crocheting,...I need to come up with something. think think....~

Shilpa said...

You are a mind reader!! I wanted to knit/crochet something for such a cause and was talking abt it for last few days. I will definitely participate if I can get hold of that yarn. I will check today.

Sangeeth said...

Thats really a good cause. count me in! I will surely do something!

Shilpa said...

Searched in 3 different stores today. could not find the blue :(. Hobby Lobby has so many different blue colors but not the one we want. Please let me know if you find it in Joann, it is quite far from home, so didn't go there.

Shilpa said...

Sorry for hogging your comment space. I finally found the yarn at walmart :).

Rachna said...

sheesh and i have to finish dev's topi first.....