Giving Thanks

After a sumptuous Thanksgiving meal that included a perfectly roasted turkey, stuffing, cranberry sauce, mashed potatoes and gravy, caramelized sweet potatoes, beans, homemade rolls dusted with sesame seeds, poppy seeds and caraway seeds, followed by pecan pie and ice cream, I am so stuffed that I cannot think! The wine flowed as we sat around the table and shared memories, music playing softly in the background. I think we are very lucky to have neighbors who are just like family!

I thought it would be very apt to use today's post to complete my series of Thank You posts that I like to do at least once a year. This list, as some of you may already know, is pulled directly from my logs and these are blogs that I am truly grateful to - for, without them, Indian Food Rocks would be yet another lonely, seldom-read blog. So I'd like to thank all the food blogs I have mentioned previously and also the 15 blogs that follow.

Malabar Spices, written by Mallugirl, rocked our world recently with her Express Cooking Event. Raid her blog for spicy recipes from India's Malabar coast. She has a droolworthy Nadan Kozhi Chicken Curry and I can't wait to try her Malabar Meen (fish) Biryani.

Masala Magic, written by Latha, may tell you to go watch Manjula on Youtube but I really think that you should go through her archives instead! Her red hot idli podi and easy rava dosa are amazing!

Musical's Kitchen, written by Musical of course, is a haven for vegetarians looking for that extra punch. She always has a surprising combination of fresh veggies and spices. Her palak kadhi is a regular feature at our home. Her Sweet potato stew (Thai style) looks too divine to pass up on!

One Hot Stove, written by Nupur, first regaled us from New York City and now she does the same from St. Louis, Missouri. Nupur is known for her fabulous writing as well as her A-Z series: A-Z of Marathi cooking as well as her A-Z of Indian Vegetables.

Padma's Kitchen, written by Padma, is an elegant blog with some of my favorites like akki roti, mamidikiya annam (mango rice) and Shahi Kofta curry.

Saffron Trail, written by Nandita, is the home of the Weekend Breakfast Blogging event. Nandita also has her own food video show on Nautanki TV. She focuses on healthy vegetarian recipes.

Samayal, written by Sudha, has a lovely recipe for Chicken Chettinad, a welcome variation for me. Her arachuvita sambar also sounds delicious!

Spicyana, written by Archana, is a feast for the eyes! She's the queen of baking, designing and decorating cakes. I was hooked right from the time she posted her first cake. Her creative talents extend to other things besides cakes, so if you haven't visited Archana's blog before, you need to stop what you are doing and do so now!

Stream of Consciousness, written by Shankari and sometimes by her husband Rajesh, is not just about food. You will find hair-raising pictures of Rajesh as he goes sky-diving, amazing pictures of the moon and spicy recipes. Shankari conducts cooking classes and has also appeared live on NBC's KCRA3. A huge round of applause for her, please!

Tastes like Home, written by Cynthia, comes to us from the Carribean. I love a gal who appreciates okra, my favorite veggie! Her pictures say it all. If you see something you like, you can always write to Cynthia to ask her for the recipe. She's really nice like that!

Tea and Cookies, written by Tea, is a blog that pays homage to fresh local produce with the most exquisite words ever. I have yet to come across a blog better written than Tea's. She has authentic Japanese recipes that she learned from her stay in Japan and I recently bookmarked her Zaru Soba recipe. The picture of soba noodles in that post could very well have been an entry for this month's CLICK!

Trial and Error, written by Nabeela, is one of my favorite blogs! I was first intrigued by her Marag, which I adapted to a slow cooker recipe. It's my comfort food now. I am still trying to figure out which of her mango sorbets I should try!

Vyanjanaa, written by g, is a chronicle of two kitchens separated by thousands of miles yet linked by a strong bond. Check out her Rajasthani papad ki subzi and her yummy garlic chutney.

What's For Lunch Honey?, written by Meeta, is a treat for the eyes and a feast for the soul. Don't believe me? Just head on over and check out her beautifully composed photographs, her tastefully created centerpieces, and of course her delicious recipes! She also hosts The Monthly Mingle with interesting themes each month.

When My Soup Came Alive, written by Sra, is a great blog to visit when you desperately need that chuckle! She launched her first event, Grindless Gravies recently, and already has a reputation for strictly enforcing the rules, which she changes every day. Or so I heard...

Thank you all very much!


bee said...

all my favourites too!!!

Meera said...

Happy Thanksgiving!

sra said...

Manisha, that was really generous of you to include me, and just the kind of compliment that makes my day, thanks a lot.
And btw, the rules haven't changed after the second revision - yet! So hurry up and send me an entry!

Srivalli said...

hahah..nice ones...well if I got to tell..I would say the same abt you too manisha...want to crack your bones...go read manisha!..and thanks for few new ones..I have never read them till now..

Meeta K. Wolff said...

Well the blog world would only rock half as much if you were not around to fill it with fun, humor and your great recipes and pictures too. Glad we met and I look forward to what the future brings ;-) Hugs to you sweetie!

Srivalli said...

Manisha...can I have your email id pls..

musical said...

Manisha, and i must thank you too for the wonderful stories, delicious goodies and all the warmth and fun you infuse into this blog and the blogosphere! And you are one generous person :). Its truly heartwarming that not only you tried some of the kadhi but it became your family favorite-what more can i ask for :). I am eyeing some of your recipe selections too :).

Kribha said...

You have a nice list there. will try some from your list soon. Happy ThanksGiving to you and your family.

Nupur said...

Many thanks to you too- for generously sharing your thoughts, memories and recipes. I am enjoying all the links you have here.

Cynthia said...

Oh my goodness, we should be thanking you for this. Thanks Manisha! This is a great thing you have started here.

Hope you and the family enjoy the long weekend.