Back with a Giveaway!

Some of you noticed that I had stopped posting. Thank you for that. So much happened right from the night of my last post — a huge stag leaped into the side of our then brand-new plugin-hybrid on the freeway, leaped back over the median, caused an accident, and was dismembered — to the end of the year and beyond, that with each event, my mind whirled and the words stopped flowing. I wrote but it seemed disjointed; incoherent, even. So I chose to go silent without a message, except a brief announcement on my Facebook wall towards the end of last year.

My silent blog did not bother me as much as the nagging feeling that I failed to deliver on my promise of a 10th anniversary giveaway in which all my readers could participate. But the best thing about a blog is that it doesn't matter. I'm the boss and I can do whatever I want, whenever I want. Even though we are well into the 11th year of IFR now, I am still going to have my final 10th anniversary giveaway. There are actually three giveaways: one for the readers of my blog who comment on this post, one for my newsletter/email readers (I will have the newsletter out soon), and one for my Facebook fans.

What am I giving away? A creative online class on Craftsy of your choice up to a maximum of $30.

Why? Because I like to keep my promises, however late I might be.

How? Same deal as last time. The rules are that there are no rules. There is no need to go blue in the face creating more noise than there already is on the social networks. If you want to, however, that is your choice! Simply leave me a comment on this post telling me what crafts you enjoy and how you plan to work that into your summer. That's it.

The giveaway will close at 11:59pm May 23 25, 2014. I will randomly pick a winner and post an announcement within a couple of days of the deadline. I will give the winner a few days to get in touch with me, failing which I will find another winner.

I will be sending out a newsletter to my mailing list with a second giveaway as well as announcing a third giveaway on Facebook — both Craftsy classes up to $30 value. If you entered the giveaway on my blog, you can still throw your hat in for these two giveaways. The modus operandi will be slightly different on those two platforms though.

Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with Craftsy in any way. This post is not sponsored by Craftsy nor has Craftsy approached me with an offer. I do have a friend who works for Craftsy but that's where the association stops. My friend has not asked me to post this giveaway either. It is entirely my idea.

Photography continues to remain a passion and a huge stress-buster for me. I will leave you with a couple of my favorite photos of the Taj Mahal in the early morning light, that I shot in December last year.

First view of the Taj Mahal
breath-taking first view

Taj Mahal at sunrise
glowing marble at dawn

Now, you do your bit and enter the giveaway by telling me about your favorite crafts and how you plan to indulge in them over summer, ok?


Nupur said...

Manisha- the encounter with the stag sounds terrifying- I'm so sorry. And very glad you all are OK. I've missed your posts.

A friend gave me two craftsy classes for my birthday last year and they were so much fun! Thanks for this generous giveaway.

To answer your question, I dabble in knitting/crochet, sewing/quilting and baking/cooking. And I certainly hope to enjoy all of these over the summer- I'm working on a quilt, want to sew throw pillows for my living room and knit a couple of gifts for friends who are expecting babies.

Nikita said...

I love any craft using glass : glass painting, decorating glass vases. These days I am also very interested in any crafts I can do with my kid.
Thanks for having the giveaway.


I would go on your blog every so often to see if a new post was there. It was as much for the stories that went with each blog post, and of course the food part.
Being a new mom, I am trying to dabble more in making finger puppets, mobiles. If I have the patience, I want to try my hand at quilting. Not sure that would happen though - with a 10 month old at home

Truth Serum said...

I will be finishing my grief scarf. It is a project I am knitting. I started knitting it when my 92 year old mother was dying in March. I know the scarf will be complete and I will miss my mother for the rest of my life, but the memory of starting the scarf is connected to the last six days our family spent with my mother.

Molly said...

Manisha! So glad to see you're back. I have just finished the last of my lime pickle from last year and it made me think of you.... I have some pepper and eggplant starts if you would like them - just let me know. Just shared your web site with my office mate and she can't stop looking at it :)

As I think you saw last summer - I like to knit and my Mom likes to crochet - but I'm having shoulder surgery in early June so I don't think I'll be knitting until the fall.


Mandira said...

Manisha, thanks for the generous giveaway. I am trying to pick up a hobby don't know yet what it will be. I used to knit with my mom when I was younger and enjoyed that.

Happy 10th anniversary!

Unknown said...

So glad to see you back!

Siri said...

What a fun giveaway. So happy that you extended the last date. :-) My favorite past time these days is ceramic painting. I tend to buy these cheap white plates and cups from thrift stores here and add my own colorful touch and later use them as food props! Next on my list is to knit. I see you, M and Nupur doing such a good job with it. I tempted to learn how. :D


Neha said...

Thank you for the generous giveaway, Manisha!
I enjoy a multitude of crafts - knitting, quilting, sewing, cooking and baking. This summer, I have a list of sewing projects lined up. I want to make things for the home - both for mine and family/friends, but really want to focus on getting better at sewing garments.

Donna said...

Your photos are stunning!

I think my favorite craft has to be sewing/quilting. I will be making my niece's bedroom curtains anda quilt with all her first year bibs. It's supposed to be done for her 2nd birthday, but with all the gardening going on right now it's a long shot that it will be done in time!

AM said...

Thanks for extending the giveaway!

I've dabbled in stained glass & knitting and I'm looking forward to learning to sew.

Indian Food Rocks said...

This giveaway is now closed! Thanks to everyone who entered! I will be back shortly with a winner!

Nupur, thanks! It was an ordeal and crazy expensive because of all the fancy electric work in the Volt. I'm thrilled that you like Craftsy classes, too! I have the lovely scarf you knitted me. Your work is so very neat! I can't wait to see the quilts you make over summer!

Nikita, crafts with your kids is always a great way to encourage both their creativity as well as their fine motor skills! Glass painting and decorating sounds wonderful!

Amishi, thank you for that! It makes me feel so good about reviving my blog after more than 6 months away! Congrats on your baby!

Truth, I'm so sorry about your loss. It sounds like your mother was a special woman. I'm so glad that you have special memories associated with your grief scarf.

Molly, I have been thinking of you and Mimi so much! I will email you! I'm sorry to hear about your shoulder. I hope it isn't too serious and that your recovery will be smooth!

Mandira, try different things until you find something that clicks and feels right for you, not just creativity-wise but also time-wise. It should be relaxing and a pleasure, not stressful. Maybe knit something simple for your kiddos. A simple scarf might be the best way to get back into knitting.

Poornima, thank you!

Siri, that's a wonderful idea! As far as knitting goes, maybe you could find or forma group of knitters. It's always a good idea to have someone there who is also focused on the same job to help you and motivate you.

Neha, you sound like an all-round crafter! Good for you! I want to get better at sewing, too! I haven't touched my sewing machine in over a year!

Donna, your niece is so lucky to have you as a doting aunt! What a great idea to recycle all those bibs!

AM, Craftsy has some great sewing and quilting classes! Michaels (the store) used to have sewing classes. I don't know if they still do but those were great, too!

Geneva said...

Mixed feelings here. So happy you are not terribly injured and so sad that you had this experience. Trauma - whether crash, flood, or failure, effects us in unpredictable ways. Each day I hope you will continue your improvement. Your delightful words are eagerly anticipated and inspiring. Blessings lovely woman.

Indian Food Rocks said...

I just announced the winner! Is it you?! Please get in touch!

Geneva, thank you, my friend! I miss getting your hugs at BolderBoulder now that I do not run it but volunteer for the event. Much love to you!

Indian Food Rocks said...

Poornima, please get in touch with me! I have a Craftsy class for you!

Unknown said...

Sorry,I was travelling and got back to see my name cancelled at the head of a post. How bad/ good is that,depending on how you look at it! I live in Australia so guess it would not help me winning anything...sigh. Thanks anyway,you made my day.