Jen Ignites Boulder

Ignite is a night of presentations on a variety of topics, with a twist. Each presentation has 20 slides, that automatically advance after 15 seconds. It is a worldwide movement, and Boulder is hosting our sixth September 16th at 6pm.
Jen Y(o)u Rock! (The quality seems to have dropped after uploading to youtube - if I can figure it out, I will try and fix it. For now, enjoy Jen's talk!)
Woo hoo!
Jen Yu!
I love you!

Go tell her how much she rocked!


Cynthe said...

Thanks! Manisha for documenting this, so we could participate from afar. Awesome pres. Awfully noisy audience!

Aparna said...

I told her she rocks.
I so liked what she said. "If you're sucky with a P&S, you're sucky with a dSLR" ! :)

Jen Yu said...

You are awesome!! Thanks for filming it. Had no idea it might be the only version! :) xxoo

Tartelette said...

Thanks Manisha for filming and uploading! You did fabulous given the space and the general enthusiasm (well yes, that would create noise!).

♥♥♥Ria♥♥♥ said...

You rock Jen!! And thanks Manisha for uploading this for us! :)

sunita said...

That was really awesome. Thanks Manisha, for sharing. Now off to Jen's ...that lady really rocks!

Jaya Wagle said...

Jen rocks all right. Glad to know I am not a total loser 'cause I use a point and shoot digital camera instead of the fancy SLR. Won't nag T for one now.

Kitt said...

Manisha, you're awesome. You captured it perfectly. I was admiring your steady hand even as I watched. Very professional.

And Jaya, that was me with the P&S. You can do a heck of a lot with a little lens!

Erin said...

thanks for sharing, Manisha!

Jhonny walker said...

great share..from the indian cooking house :)

Aran said...

oh this was amazing!!!

Anonymous said...

I really found that enjoyable to watch and listen- great presentation!

Manisha said...

Cynthe, it's all good fun!

Aparna, those two myths were both awesome!

Jen, I'm so glad I thought of it!

Helen, it was a blast!

Ria, thank you!

Sunita, she rocks even more IRL! ;-)

Jaya, P&S's today are made so much better than they were 6-7 years ago. You get 'bridge' cameras that can be considered to be in-between P&S and dSLRs. Understand your camera, and follow Jen's tips - she has a lot more on her blog, if you're interested. :-)

Kitt, yes and no! I had my tripod but the camera kept falling over so I had to hold it steady it on the tripod. Old stupid tripod! I may have yelled out "That's Kitt" when you showed up on the screen!

Erin, missed you at the show!

Jhonny, you're welcome!

Aran, she sure is!

elaichietcetera, I never know which avatar you will use. Sometimes all? Jen's great!

Avi said...

I saw this post when Jen tweeted/posted about it and now we have a connection. Wow. Small world, eh? :)

Sonia said...

Dear Manisha,

Thanks so much for your wonderful nimbu achaar recipes. Cynthia (tastes like home) and I made both the recipes together. They are such delicious pickles. Cynthia had to keep my jars away from me so I wouldn't empty it before the pickle actually sets. I will be making this pickle every year now. Thanks a lot for sharing such a gem.