Kachori in Chicago

It felt strange to be on the Tri-state tollway heading home...and realizing that there is no home in Chicagoland anymore. I couldn't have been farther from the truth. Dinner on Tuesday night was a wonderful homecoming: a delicious spread of maa ki dal, aloo-gobi ki sabzi, homemade kulcha, pickled home-grown chillies, and shrikhand.

Breakfast this morning was garam garam Rajasthani dal kachori and chai. Click on the picture to share some of my joy and contentment:

I am home!


Prachi said...

Man, I almost picked up the kachori and chaha!! My mouth is watering and I can barely type... what a photo.
I need to go to the desi neighbourhood and pig out a little this evening, I think.

Anonymous said...

Fran, what can I tell you! It was such a treat to wake up to garma garam kachori and chai yesterday. I am still drooling, too! Not only have we been catching up with old friends, it's been a medley of tastes. One after another!

Anonymous said...

SH, you're too funny! It's the best I could to do share. To wake up to the smell of kachoris being made and a hot cup of masala chai...bliss!