Sunday Snapshots: Isabelle Farm, Lafayette, CO

It's been a rough three weeks.

My carpool buddy developed sepsis from an undiagnosed infection and is in her third week of hospitalization. She is recovering but it will be a while before she can return home.

People went to watch the premier of a movie in Aurora not knowing that their lives would change drastically.

This morning a Sikh temple was the target for reasons beyond comprehension.

Life changes in an instant. We're here now. Make the most of every moment. Keep your loved ones close, enjoy your friends and reject all forms of negative energy.

I went to another Mile High Food Swap today, a welcome distraction. It was hosted by Isabelle Farm, an organic farm in neighboring Lafayette. Isabelle Farm leases the Thomas Open Space from the City of Lafayette where they grow tomatoes, peppers, eggplants, cauliflower, broccoli, kale, squash, okra and many other vegetables. The farm also has a CSA that runs for 20 weeks between June and October. Tiffany Carpenter gave us a tour of the farm and explained how the people of Lafayette had voted for an organic farm instead of yet another golf course.

If Lafayette can, why can't Louisville? I'm sure the answer is far more complicated than the question.

It was over 100°F out in the field but it was a wonderful feeling to be amidst people who care about where their food comes from. It was also calming to stand in the middle of so much new life.

Isabelle Farm
Carved zucchini!

The farm stand
The farm stand is open 10am - 7pm everyday

Inside the farm stand at the Barn
I fell in love

Yellow wax beans
yellow wax beans

Fresh veggies
all types of veggies

Isabelle Farm, the Big Barn
Isabelle Farm on Thomas Open Space

Beets flourish where carrots won't

Japanese eggplant
Japanese eggplants

Like a miniature palm tree
Miniature palm tree or kale?

How Boulder of you ;-D
How Boulder of you!

I know it's really Monday now but I thought I'd get this out anyway.


Isingcakes said...

Totally agree about life with you. It is very unpredictable. Loved all the snapshots of the veggies. I had been to a farm recently and it was indeed a stress buster as you say:)

anna in spain said...

Your post today inspired me to say this, right here, where anyone can read it.
Manisha, you have changed my life. Two years ago if anyone had told me Indian cuisine would be my go-to food, I would have laughed. Yes, I love to cook and experiment, but if I had to choose a favourite it would have been...well, I don't know.
Then I met up with Indian cuisine. Oh my. I tried the prepared curry pastes (Thai as well as Indian), and then as spices became more available in my town, I branched out. I searched all over the Internet but the recipes available are often very complex (not to say poorly written out). I found your blog quite by accident (someone linked to your video of Anne Frank,a hero of mine)and--revelation. Clear instructions, recipes that really work, and in the words of Samuel Jonson, it IS "a meal you would ask a man to." Between you and Bong Mom, you've turned our table nicely...even my picky-eater husband likes your foods.
And I just found out that down on the coast in Torremolinos, where my husband's lifelong best friend lives, they have opened a "vegetarian supermarket" (his term for an Indian market). My supply of hing and other goodies is assured. Oh bliss.
Thank you, Manisha, for teaching us about this joyful way of eating. Thank you for your gorgeous and often mouthwatering pictures, and your slant on life.

Nupur said...

Looking at these lovely fresh vegetables is a great way to start off the week. Yes, there's much news to be sad about but we have to celebrate the little joys of life where we can find them

Lo said...

My thoughts and prayers are with your friend. May she soon fully recover and be able to return home!

Indian Food Rocks said...

Isingcakes, so glad you feel the same way! Hugs!

anna, you made me cry! In a good way! Thank you! For your kind sweet words. Needless to say, I am overwhelmed and, if you were here, I would have given you a big huge hug.

I really hope you are able to find kadipatta (curry leaves) at the new store. If you don't find any hing, please let me know at indianfoodrocks at gmail dot com and I will share some from my stash.

Bong Mom is one of my fave bloggers. She keeps things simple and flavorful, adapting Bengali food to easily available ingredients, without losing the essence of the dish.

Many hugs!

Nupur, that's exactly why I am dropping everything and heading off to spend an evening at a retro amusement park with my now high-schooler!

Lo, thank you! Positive energy and healing thoughts are always appreciated!

Bong Mom said...

Loved all those "fresh from the farm"pictures.

Thanks to Anna for mentioning me along with you. I am humbled. As everyone already knows "Indian Food" Rocks...Yehhhhh :-D