The Thought That Counts

Friday saw a deluge of love in the form of peanut butter cream pie for Mikey.

Peanut butter
peanut buttery goodness

I did not know Mikey, nor do I know Jennie very well. But her sudden, devastating loss hit us all hard in that place where it really truly hurts. It brought back painful memories with a rush, of a deep sense of loss. It threw me into reliving the recent family trauma, and my heart longed for my husband who is over 9000 miles away. I cried with gratitude, knowing that he will be home soon. I cried for Jennie and her beautiful daughters. And, for Mikey. It did not matter that I didn't know them.

Friday's message underscored something we all know deep down but ignore in the daily rush to lead our lives. Draw your loved ones close, make the most of the present, for our time together is very short.

I couldn't bring myself to make pie. To be honest, I haven't cooked a proper meal in the last several weeks. We have lived off small one-pot meals, hastily put together sandwiches, ordered pizza and carry-out. And, eaten eggs: scrambled, fried, sunny-side up and boiled. With lots and lots of fruit.

I whipped some creamy organic peanut butter that I had in my refrigerator and put together a healthy snack, something I knew we would enjoy more than a pie.

All you need is
  • some peanut butter, preferably organic and preferably without any added sugar or sugar-substitutes
  • some crushed red pepper
  • some apples, preferably Granny Smith but any apples will do

Apples with a little zing
they may be slightly brown but they were delicious!

  1. Whip the peanut butter by hand for about a minute or so, until it is smoother and lighter
  2. Core and cut apples into slices or wedges.
  3. Dip into peanut butter and sprinkle with crushed red pepper or not.
Share this simple treat with a loved one.

It's the thought that counts much more than a pie. 


Helliemae said...

Loved this, Manisha.

Anonymous said...

so true, Manisha.

Pelicano said...

We all have lots to be grateful for- don't we? Thanks for sharing.

Anita said...

Indeed, we have so much to cherish and be grateful for. Though V always chip in, "Grateful? To whom?" Anyway, I dragged out both the boys last evening; we went out and ate pizza, chocolate cake, and drank coffee, ...

notyet100 said...

Very true,

anthony stemke said...

I don't know Mikey or Jennie, but I know that this is delicious.
Thank You.

Unknown said...

ooooh !!! that sounds delicious :)

myFudo said...

The peanut butter with apples is such a great way to honor Mikey. Great coming up with it. Love your post. Nice photos.

Nandini Vishwanath said...

I remember the peanut butter :)

I read this article in the Readers' Digest a long time back. I was in school, I think. About how someone dies in a plane crash and her last thoughts are how she has never said ' I love you' to her parents or her kids. For some reason, I haven't been able to forget that story.

Since then, I say 'I love you' pretty freely to anyone I feel like, depending on the moment. For all the fights or disagreements with various people in my life (let alone, family), there have been moments I've loved them. And I think it's important to say it aloud. Some people (online friends) are a little taken aback when I suddenly say something on those lines when we are having fun doing something together, but I can see it makes them feel happy, and that just drives me.

Thanks for this post, Manisha.

Indian Food Rocks said...

Thank you so very much for your response to this post.

I would love for you to watch this Ted Talk by Ric Elias, a survivor of the plane crash in the Hudson. It's only 5 minutes of your time, please watch it!

Kalyan Panja said...

Just mouthwatering...looks so easy to prepare and delicious!