Disjointed in Spring

Spring in Colorado looks like this:

and this:

and allergies. I've been sneezing and with each year, it gets worse. That cottonwood up the street does not need to exist. Period.

Spring also brings back scurrying creatures. Pistachio's chubby grandson, Kaju-Kismis. Or KK the villian. Or Dammit-Just-Get-Off-My-Roof.

I've followed the path of that cob, from my neighbor's corn plant to my frontyard in fall, to the backyard in winter and now, hidden in a hole in my dogwood. This is my Judge's Entry to Jai and Bee's Click for Spring.

News flash: Starched cotton saris and a dryer are not friends. Make sure that visiting relatives from India are apprised of this deep rift.

For Smita: I haven't forgotten about the gajar halwa recipe. I've been buried in snow, work and now, starch. I hope that carrots remain in season by the time I post it!

And, you want to read about our hike to Mirror Lake in Yosemite National Park. You have to.


Priya said...

yayyyy! you are back :-)Though no snow here, the temps are still low.

and lol at the starched cotton sarees, my mom hated that she could not retain the crispness through her trip. She would save the cottons for special outings and use the synthetic/silk ones for daily use :))

off to DT now, ta!

A_and_N said...

KK! :D brought back sweet memories. I was born in Orissa (though am not Oriya and all that) and my hyper uncles names all their neices and nephews after dry fruits.

Mine was Kishmish. Till my mom came back with me back to Bangalore :D and people called me Kismis. She thought of the horrors lying ahead and stopped everyone from calling me that.

Ok, now to DT!

bee said...

with all the dhinchak and dhishum fabrics they make nowadays, can't they make a cotton fabric that needs no staching? jai has some no-iron cotton shirts that say 100% cotton. why don't they make girlie stuff with that fabric?

Anita said...

It's been a busy spring for me too...(we are into summer, btw).
Nice Spring blossoms!

Fergie said...

thank you for the great blog!

i've listed you on my blog as a Bella awardee. Thank you!

Unknown said...

Welcome back! Amazing spring pics :)

Smita said...

Hi Manisha,

So sweet of you to let me know about the gajar halwa! Thanks a lot. I did wonder if you still remembered or it slipped off your mind..

I shall wait for your recipe, don't worry they are in season almost all year here..hope that's the case in your side of the world too :)