June has been a very hectic month. We took a road trip over 9 days that took us to Moab, Utah, onwards to the South Rim of the Grand Canyon, Arizona, back to Colorado via a brief stop at the Four Corners National Monument. We camped in a cabin at Mesa Verde and in tents at the Sand Dunes. I was wiped out at the end of it all but very content.

While I was away, all of you were busy, too! You made the fund raiser CLICK: Yellow for Bri a huge success!


There aren't enough words to express the gratitude and overwhelming emotions that come to fore when I look at the little widget above. So I will simply say: Thank you!

The fund raiser will continue until July 15, 2008. So if you would like to donate, I would urge you to do so even though the goal has been reached. With the actual inflation being much higher than the reported inflation, every little bit will continue to help. Don't hold back as there are some really terrific prizes that haven't seen a bid yet! Especially in the Photo-Video section. Like the Gorillapod, the Lowepro Camera bag, the online subscription for a Photography Magazine and the increasingly popular Flip video camera.

And if you are like me and you haven't clicked yet, the deadline is fast approaching: Monday, June 30. So pick up that camera now!

June is also the month that Farmer's Markets in our neck of the woods really get going. Louisville now has its own little Farmer's Market. The official grand opening was yesterday. I missed it, of course. But I did make it to the market. And look at the loot I came home with.

Any clue how much I paid for all this?


Nupur said...

8 dollars?

bee said...


i stopped going to our local farmer's market, where strawberries cost 8 dollars for a small box.

Siri said...

12.75$.. its just a guess.:)) but lovely bounty of fresh veggies I must say!


KALVA said...

hmm close to 9 bucks

Kitt said...

I'd say about $10. Glad you made it there after all! Are those favas I see???

And thanks for the link!

Do come down to the Pearl Street Market sometime. (I'm missing it today, alas. I have a poodle event to attend.)

Indian Food Rocks said...

Wow, you folks are used to really cheap produce! I am not! This was my loot for $10:
7 green bell peppers
3 young onions
6 kohlrabi
2 purple kohlrabi
10 tomatoes, of varying sizes
3 large zucchinis
1 bunch baby carrots
3 anaheim peppers
bunch of fava beans

The farm stand had a $10 bag-all-you-can sale. I could have stuffed some more kohlrabi and tomatoes in but the bag was getting too heavy and I had visions of a torn bag with produce rolling all over the sidewalk.

My experience at the Boulder Farmers Market is that produce is very expensive. So for me, all this for $10 was a real steal.

Kitt, if you're saying $10 for all this then I am coming to the Pearl Street Market soon! And I like that it is on Sundays!

Kitt said...

Manisha, I think it's the same stand we've had on occasion, (I had a memorable $5 haul from them). I don't know if they will be at Pearl Street this year, but Ms. Soap Crone might know.

Anita said...

Here I would pay around Rs100-150 for the lot, depending on the season. Everything is hovering between Rs25-40/kg at the moment...I'm guessing you had about 5-6 lbs?

Pelicano said...

$10 eh? Good deal. Now cook! :-D

Indian Food Rocks said...

Kitt, the farm stand was Miller Farms. And he made it clear that he does not do these kind of sales every week. He said they had had a good day and it was the Grand Opening after all, therefore...

Anita, it felt more like 20lbs but I would guess it was at least 10lbs. Each zucchini is huge and the kohlrabi are dense, adding to the weight. Green bell peppers take up volume more than weight. I don't have a kitchen scale (gasp!) else I would have weighed it.

Pel, oh I totally think so! I hardly dare buy anything at the Boulder Farmer's Market as everything is very expensive. Cherries and strawberries especially so, as Bee noted above. This isn't quite Sunnyvale - which I loved - but it's quaint and retains the small town flavor. And, I cooked! People overate last night is all I will tell you!

Anonymous said...

at the union square farmers market on 14th street in manhattan this would cost me an arm and a leg.
about 30 to 40 $$ easily.

Indian Food Rocks said...

Thank you, Anrosh, for confirming that I am not crazy for thinking this is a real steal! Welcome to IFR!