Menu for Hope - a Reminder

When I looked last, over $73,000 had been donated for Menu for Hope. This is well over $13,000 more than the fund generated last year. If you haven't yet donated, don't miss your last chance to be a part of this heart-warming drive as today is the last day for this fund raiser.

Pim, who can only be described as a forward thinker, has put together a tip sheet!

Great odds
These are great prizes that for some reason or another have been overlooked.  Some of these have odds as great as 1 in 2 chances of winning.  Get your raffle tickets in for these prizes if you really want to win. My bead necklace (Prize Code UC 13) is in this category of great prizes! As is Ammini's Greens, Grains, and Grated Coconuts (Prize Code UC 12). Really! What are you waiting for?!

Good odds
These are great prizes that have a number of bidders, but are still pretty good odds to win. Time for you to throw your hats in the ring!

Long shots
These are popular prizes that have got a lot of raffle bids already. Chances are you're not going to win, but that doesn't mean you can't take your chances at them!

Hail-Mary shots
These are prizes that are extremely hot, and so the odds of you winning are tiny. But the prizes are so great - some of them once in a lifetime chances - that you might as well throw a raffle ticket in and pray for your life! Who knows, it only takes one ticket to win!

You know you want to. Don't hold back in this season of giving. Give a child the hope for a warm nutritious lunch.


JS said...

Manisha, it's great that you are promoting the Menu for Hope. I hope your post has a very large and very positive impact on the results, when all is said and done. I see that more than $87,000has been raised so far. Impressive! Oh, I wanted to thank you for your offer of help on my attempt to make Cauliflower Subzi...I still don't know what I did wrong. Your recipe seems to suggest that almost no liquid is needed to cook the cauliflower and potatoes (well, you do say you may add a splash of water for potatoes). Anyway, I may come back looking for advice. Thank you for your wonderful blog and for your personal contributions to a better world.

Cynthia said...

Thanks for reminding us especially in this time of excess.

Happy holidays to you and the family.

Indian Food Rocks said...

A huge thank you to everyone who participated in the Menu for Hope this year! The total raised, as of this writing, is over $90,000. The amount raised goes up even though the fund raiser is now officially closed because of matching donations from employers and from offline donations.

I continue to be amazed at the generosity and the spirit of giving within each of us. There is no doubt that together we will all make a difference in the lives of young and needy children and their families. Thank you for your support; every little bit helps.

John, the potatoes are cut into thin pieces so that they cook quickly. Sometimes you may need water to help the potatoes cook. I prefer to add water than increase the amount of oil. Do let me know if I can help.

Cynthia, thank you and Happy Holidays to you, too!