Leftover Matters: The Three Things Meme

There's a lot of leftover business to take care of...

Dilip, Anjali, Sra and Anita tagged me way back in January for The Three Things meme. I am really bad with memes and that I am over 7 months late with this one should prove it. Here goes...

Three people/things that make me laugh
My family. My fine sense of humor has finally rubbed off on my husband and my daughter has it in her jeans. No, that's not a typo. During the school year, she carries small strips of paper with jokes in the pockets of her jeans.
Seinfeld. I got hooked only because I heard my husband laughing with tears rolling down his face. I had to find out what the big deal was. Re-runs are for people like me.
George Bush. He has a second career option as a comedian.

Three things that make me cry
Hungry children
Moving tales and tales of moving.
When my husband uses my kitchen tools to fix things around the house

Three things that scare me
Snakes and anything that slithers.
Natural disasters

Three things I love
My boss. I do. I love him to death. I wouldn't be half of what I am without his energy.
The Rockies and Trail Ridge Road. The mountains inspire me and fill me with a deep sense of calm.
Taking pictures. I'm not particularly good with a camera but that has not stopped me so far!

Three things I hate
Smelly toilets
Shahrukh Khan

Three things I don't understand
Why I must always decide what to order at a restaurant.
Why the square footage of my home matters to other people
Why Anita does not like Aishwarya Rai. The woman is gorgeous but she should have stayed on the catwalk.

Three things on my desk
Two monitors.
Four Disney Princesses that I took from Medha and never returned. They are now mine. She's given up trying to get them back.
A painting of echinacea by Sree. I know! I know! I have to get it framed!

Three things I'm doing right now
Besides writing this meme, I am
uploading pictures to my Flickr account
hiding from my husband. He's sitting 5 feet away from me but I'm hiding from him online, see?
writing emails to a friend. We are each other's daily fix.

Three things I want to do before I die
Travel to Europe, Australia and New Zealand
Trek the Himalayas. OK, Valley of Flowers will do.
Make a difference. I haven't figured this one out yet, especially the 'how'. I hope I do before I die.

Three things I can do
Ride a bike

Three things I like to listen to
my inner conscience
my husband sing. Especially when he sings Chaudhavi ka chand
my daughter play the piano

Three things I would never want to listen to
Myself sing. And my daughter has agreed with me ever since she was born. She always cried more when I sang her a lullaby.
The sound of chalk or nails screeching on the chalkboard
Bill O'Reilly.

Three things I'd like to learn
To keep the beat during aerobics class. Mine are the arms that flail just after the beat. My instructor once came up to me and told me: "STOP! Just stop!"
To do line dancing. I pity the instructor.
To swim properly.

Three favorite foods
Fried fish, the Maharashtrian way.
Idli, chutney, sambar
Varan bhath

Three beverages I drink regularly
Brewed tea. No tannin for me, thank you!
Herbal tea.

Three TV shows or books I read as a kid
All the Enid Blytons, Nancy Drews and Hardy Boys on the planet
Solid Gold. I am really dating myself here. But they brought on all my favorite singers and did the weekly countdown.
The Bundesliga. I was a soccer junkie and followed the German football league. I never missed a game and knew all the teams. I could never make up my mind whether to support Bayern München or Hamburger SV.

I am now supposed to tag three other bloggers but as usual I am so late that everyone has been tagged and done with it.

Still, this was for Dilip, Anjali, Sra and Anita. Better late than never.


Srivalli said...

hahaha...nice one manisha....it was great to know...eps about your husband taking your tools...and you singing...I can imagine..hhaa...

but one question if I am not probing...why you hate shahrukh khan ...thats quite strong...


Anita said...

Yes, really Manisha, hate SK? He may not be a great actor but, boy, he's witty - just like you, in fact! Try to catch his second-time Coffee With Karan episode (again with Rani and Kajal) - he's hilarious!

BTW, I've seen only one of his movies from start to finish - I forget the name - with Saif, and Rani, where he's sick and waiting to die. They should have killed him sooner (in the movie) - but then he was the co-producer...Kuch Na Kaho? (I hope that is a movie!) Arre, yad aaya - Kal Ho Na Ho! LOL

Aishwarya is the exact opposite - the moment she open her mouth...

And I think you're very good with that camera...are you in the market?

Anonymous said...

Hi Manisha... I used to be a silent lurker here.. Loved reading your meme.. love reading your blog very much... I am a regular reader here from a long time, albeit a silent one...
And yes, as Anita said, SRK is witty!!!
The bit about your husband fixing around the house with kitchen tools was funny :)


Anonymous said...

Manisha.. One recipe I'd LOVE to try is your lemon pickle!! Thats the first thing I'll do if I get a sunny place to live in!
Just want to say thanks again for all your work...

Madhuli said...

'Myself sing'. And my daughter has agreed with me ever since she was born. She always cried more when I sang her a lullaby.

LOL..I loved that one.:)

Anita said...

Is there a tale behind the 'tale of moving'?

What are the Disney Princesses?

And who's Bill O'Rielly?

Anita said...

Mary - make Manisha's lime pickle anyway, you're probably the only one who hasn't :-) - don't wait till you're in a sunnier place. It will just take longer to cook sitting on your kitchen counter - but it will be every bit as tasty!

Pelicano said...

I was going to say the same thing about the pickle, Anita: make it Mary; it just takes longer to soften, like 2+ months for me in Wisconsin's overcast, drippy, droopy spring. Worth every shake or stir though!

Solid Gold Manisha? :-D I do miss seeing that Marilyn McKoo (sp?) and Dionne Warwick hosting and seeing who they had lined up for the night!

archana said...

Good meme Manisha :) Enjoyed reading it, you write so well.
I am going to make your lemon pickle too!

Priyanka said...

Loved reading your Meme Manisha...

laila said...

Manisha, you are a legend and an inspiration. I really mean that.

sra said...

I'm with you on a lot of things, but you hate Shahrukh? Are you familiar with Kaun Banega Crorepati? I thought he was more natural and animated than Amitabh - I don't care for Smart Alecs but I like HIM. Shahrukh, I mean

bee said...

manisha, i love the look of canvas the way it is, sans a frame. just paint the outside edges black. it covers the staples and looks cool. i agree shahrukh is an idiot. but so is aishwarya.

you could pay D back by using some of his tools in the kitchen, you know? the microplane is just a fancy wood rasp, and alton brown shops at home depot for his kitchen equipment.

Jyothi said...

Hai Manisha! very funny and some facts are unbelievable like srk etc., Thanks for sharing your facts with us.


Manasi said...

NIIIIIIIIIIIICE MeMe!! I share ur dislike for SRK! as for Ash, she is beeeyyyoooootiful, and much better as a model, not a film star!
LOL on ur hubby using kitchen tools for fixing other stuff!!

Roopa (KitchenAromas) said...

Oh and I forgot to mention that the whole news channel sucks too. They are good for causing incoherent noise

Suganya said...

You have a way with words :) You Rock!

Unknown said...

That was a good one Manisha...liked the one about hubby using kitchen tools :D I don't like Aishwarya too, for no concrete reasons, but I do like Shahrukh, the way he made his career from scratch :)

Indian Food Rocks said...

Srivalli, right from the his first movie, I have thought he was awful. I couldn't understand how he became a 'hero' - the man can't act and his 'dialogue delivery' is stilted and terrible.

Anita, I don't really have extreme emotions like 'hate'. For the most part I just don't care enough to hate or dislike intensely even. But that is what the 3 things meme called for. We don't get any Indian TV channels as we have just basic cable. I flip-flop between getting digital cable or DirecTV. But I am so sick of getting marketing calls for DirecTV that I don't want to give them my business. But more importantly, we spend more time with each other because we watch very little TV. Medha is outdoors or playing with her friends indoors, unlike other kids I know who are glued to the TV or the computer.

I had a friend who was 'into' being there at fashion shows and he would get me into several events. I saw Aishwarya on the catwalk when she was very new in the modeling world. She outshone all the others and simply made the catwalk sizzle. She should have become a supermodel instead of venturing into acting. And, yes, she should have kept her mouth shut. She was awful when she did the late night talk circuit here in the US.

Mary, welcome to IFR and I am glad you delurked! A serving spoon for rice that belonged to my mother has been used as a hammer. I was horrified to see it bent out of shape. He hammered it back but it still has a dent. I don't know what he was thinking!

And, yes, do make my lemon pickle. I haven't made it in a sunny window or near the heat vents. Perhaps that would be something to try out this winter. But Pel has and says it works.

Madhuli, it's true. Even now, she prefers that I don't sing. I have killed many an antakshari before they even took off!

Anita, my own tale and my daughter's. And anyone else who has a tough time moving from one place to another that is very far away.

These are the Disney Princesses. I have sparkling hand-painted figurines of Ariel, Cinderella, Beauty and Tinkerbell.

And if you don't know Bill O'Reilly then keep it that way. You don't want to let him into your world.

Pel, I watched it every weekend without fail despite the threat of being sucked into Dionne's nostrils. I was also 'in love' with Andy Gibb at the time. I shudder now but it's true! I used to love Barry Gibb before I found Andy. We spend the evening rolling on the floor laughing about my teen crushes.

I showed Medha the SNL spoof on Barry and Robin Gibb done by Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake. And now we laugh even more!

Archana, do that! It's yummy!

Priyanka, thanks!

Laila, now you are making me blush! But thank you! You made my day!

Sra, no Indian channels and very little TV in this house. So I haven't seen KBC - although I did see AB do it when the TV was on in the background at a friend's several years ago.

Bee, the painting is on a glued canvas board. A frame with a white or light border will really highlight this painting.

D hides his tools in places where I can't reach them. Sometimes he hides them so well, he can't find them himself. Which is why he starts looking in my kitchen drawers for things he could use! And yes, Home Depot is great - I have one of those grip wrench thingees that I use to open cans.

Jyothi, lots of things about me are unbelievable. Like how I talk more when I write than in person. :-D

Manasi, that makes it you, me and Bee! Nice to know I am not alone!!

Indian Food Rocks said...

Roopa, you have excellent taste! I approve of you heartily! You must come over for tea!

Suganya, thank you! I wish I could take pretty pictures like you do!

Nandita, you went to Delhi in the recent past, didn't you? It's Delhi water, I tell you! :-D

TBC said...

Oh Manisha,
That was simply great!!!
I feel the same way about G.Bush. I watch Letterman's 10 second segment "Great Moments in Presidential Speeches" just to see him make a fool of himself!
You hate SRK? awwww....Like Anita said, he is extremely witty. A couple of years back I was so crazy about him that I tagged along with some friends who were visiting Bombay & wanted to see Mannat. We stood outside his mansion for some time clicking pics hoping that he would step onto his balcony, maybe to dry clothes or something!!! :-(.
Looking back, what WAS I thinking?!
You write so well. I thoroughly enjoyed reading it.Though this was 7 months late, it was so worth the wait!

Sharmi said...

That is a very interesting meme to read. made me laugh on some. esp. hubby using kitchen tools and George bush.
I am with you on thing to do before dying.
I too cant do crochet.
food-idly, chutney sambar!!

musical said...

i would be upset too if someone took my kitchen tools! cute meme, Manisha :)

hehe, you hate SRK ;) and i can't understand why :-D

i love him <3

Natalia said...

Hey Manisha,I've just stumbled across your blog and absolutely love the recipes, pics and your way with words. Way to go gal!! And if you get a chance to make that trip to AUS, get in touch with me. I'm new to the blog world and have only just created a google account (to be able to leave this comment) so I have to learn to navigate my way around this blog. Natalia



Cynthia said...

I enjoyed reading this left-over MEME. I cannot believe that you don't like Shahrukh Khan :O

I'm with you - can't stand hypocrisy!

I read all the Nancy Drews, Hardy Boys and Enid Blytons too!

Glad to have you back. Will email you soon.

Oh, thanks so much for those pickle recipes. I am never going to be without lime or lemon pickles again.

Indian Food Rocks said...

TBC, you stalked SRK?! No way! It reminds me of what a couple of guys I knew used to do. They would drive up to Amitabh Bachchan's house in Juhu, only to have his security guards come rushing out. One of the guys would ask them in a very authoritarian tone: "Amitji ghar pe hain?" On being told that the big B was away, they would haughtily tell the guards: "Unko bolna NK-Saab aaye the", back out of the driveway noisily, rev their engine and drive off. They always thought it was such a hoot!

Sharmi, thanks! I taught myself to crochet looking at a $3 book I bought at Wal*mart. I am not entirely sure that I am putting the needle through the correct loops but the end result looks like the pattern in the picture, so I think it's OK!

Musical, thanks! He's not particularly thrilled. He thinks I have made him badnaam. As for SRK, the guy can't act! And I find him extremely annoying.

Natalia, welcome to IFR! I would love to get in touch with you when I make it to Australia. I have a friend who lives in Kiama and he sent me a poster that is simply out of this world gorgeous! I first fell in love with Australia through the TV series "A Town like Alice." Hope to see you around more! And, do update your blogger profile with your Web page so that I can visit your blog, too!

HKG, thank you! It's always great to have you here!

Cynthia, I am trying very hard to keep my head above the water. I was planning to get in touch with you this weekend. <whisper>Enjoy the pickles</whisper> ;-)

Anita said...

D is not thrilled that you told the world that he uses your kitchen things as his tools? Then he didn't read about the okra? And about his cooking, I mean, your driving?! :-D

Indian Food Rocks said...

LOL! He reads and he forgets! And this is one of the times that I definitely don't mind! :-D

indosungod said...

Manisha you rock as always. Three things was a great read and getting a little closer to figuring you out. Well there were more than 3 things. Oh now I get it 3 things about many things.

Anjali Koli said...

Hey Manisha so you could do the meme finally. I liked that you want to make a difference, it will happen at the right time but sometimes we got to expedite. I too feel the same. Enjoyed reading the meme thanks for sharing about your family.

Argus Lou said...

Funny and entertaining post, Manisha.
I've something in common with you -- football! During the World Cup, my other half and I woke up at 2.30am in Malaysia to watch the matches on TV.

An update on my lime and lemon pickles: After 3 weeks plus, I opened them to taste today. The lime is interesting in flavour while the lemon was a bit too salty (so I added sugar to it).

Indian Food Rocks said...

He! he! ISG! When you figure me out, let me know, too! Didn't you get tagged for this meme? If not, consider yourself tagged and go right ahead and do it please!

Anjali, yes I finally got to it. Maybe I should have rolled the 7 random things into this, too?! I think I know where I am headed but things are not entirely clear. I agree with you, they will happen when they do and I am doing everything I can to make it happen.

Argus, you too! I wish I had the time to keep up with the leagues and the World Cup. Years ago, I tore my cornea from watching the back to back semis and actually missed the finals because of that!

Always adjust the seasoning to your taste. Last year my lime pickle was a tad salty. This year, it was just fine. I think it depends on the fruit to a large extent. And also the 'saltiness' of the salt.

Padma said...

its was so humorous reading your meme, i too agree with u on "The sound of chalk or nails screeching on the chalkboard " I hate that, its nice to know u

Unknown said...

If aishwarya rai had stayed on the catwalk, she would have never made the money, the fame and gotten married to the hindi movie version of the first family. so she obviously wanted to cash in on her looks.