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Bee's Cooking and Chromosomes and Anita's reply reminded me of a much repeated exchange whenever we are going out to shop for essentials.

He: Why do I always have to drive?
Me: Why do I always have to cook?
He: You drive today.
Me: OK but then you cook today.
Medha: Daddy! Please! Please drive!



Are u scraed of him cooking or her driving ?

bee said...


Indian Food Rocks said...

HKG, you got it! :-D

Jai, welcome! Yes, she does that to us, too!

Anita said...

Trump card it is ;-) Never fails!

Indian Food Rocks said...

Yup! Always works!

Kalyn Denny said...

I got a good laugh out of this!

Gini said...

Manisha, you crack me up. That was too funny!

musical said...

he he he.....ROTFL :)))))

Coffee said...

LOL LOL LOL ......... thats a smart one from the little one!!!! :)

Bong Mom said...

That was funny :) What about "Please, please cook" :) ?

Indian Food Rocks said...

She is ever the diplomat. He likes to believe that she thinks he's a better driver and I like to believe that she thinks I am a better cook.

Actually I know she thinks I am the better cook because there are many variants of this same conversation.

Nabeela said...

Oh Manisha, what an excellent answer to give my husband the next time he bugs me about driving :)
Btw, the tomato chutney in your previous looked gorgeous. I love making tomato chutneys....they seem to go with everything(with pasta too!!)

Anita said...

Nabeela, you cook like a domestic goddess (I tried your delish marag, BTW), and you mean to say you never used that to get out of anything?!! Girl, it is a very powerful weapon especially if you have a husband who is reluctant to step into the kitchen!

Just, kidding! But husbands do appreciate the time we put in for the family, and when reminded, will let us get out of a lot of things we don't want to do. :-)

Indian Food Rocks said...

Nabeela, he may agree and then take you out to dinner. You have to make it clear that it's not the same as cooking dinner. In this house, it is conveniently considered to be the same thing!

You're the second person to suggest pasta. Hmm! I'll have to try it soon!

And, yeah, Anita is right! I bow to you as well!

Nabeela said...

Manisha and Anita:
Thanks for the input on marag and you guys make me feel like I'm still a part of the blogosphere....aww...I miss blogging :)

Indian Food Rocks said...

You can check out any time you like, but you can never leave...that applies to the blogosphere too, Nabeela. So you're here to stay!

Mrs. K said...

LOL. So, Medha is afraid of daddy cooking, and(or?) mommy driving. Did I get it right?

Regarding the plantains, I choose firm green ones without bruises if it is for vegetable dishes/curries. I make a side dish with it(look for mezhukkupuratti in Ammini’s book). Green plantains are good when combined with shrimps. And don’t forget about the yummy plantain chips. If it is for sweet dishes, I pick semi ripe ones and let them ripen inside a paper bag in my pantry. A few times, I have bought fully ripe ones from stores, but they were not that sweet. Maybe they need to ripen at room temperature. Semi ripe plantains can be used to make kaalan. Sometimes I find them in Indian stores, sometimes in Kroger or Walmart. But most of the times, not good in quality.

Is that tomato chutney for me(jihva)? I am afraid I didn’t get it in the mail. Did you send it?

Unknown said...

that was a good one :-) LOL


Indian Food Rocks said...

RP, I am a very safe driver. So safe that we are always late. :-D

As for his cooking, let me say that before we got married, he would make idlis from scratch and also, sambar. Then I said yes. I never got to taste either.

Ooh! Thank you for the info on plaintains. I want to make kaalan and also mezhukkupuratti. Then I will try plaintains and shrimps. My Puerto Rican friend might like that, too! She's vegetarian but eats seafood.

I had a reminder to send you an email on the April 1. I just sent it off you so you should be getting it soon!

Sushma, welcome!

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