First snow of the season

The first snow of the season is always something to get excited about! The mercury has been hovering around 20F for the most part of the day but the cold temperatures haven't quelled our enthusiasm or joy at the changing seasons.

Snowy grass

First came the rain, followed by freezing rain and then overnight, it changed into snow. We got about 3 inches or so by this morning. 

Dried and Done

My echinacea is all done for this year. It did surprisingly well despite wildly fluctuating weather. But not everything is dull and dry. The young maple in the front yard is struggling to put on a show.


And, a tiny splotch in the backyard actually has some color!

We've got some color, too!

Two ski resorts have already opened, making Colorado the first to open the ski season this fall. It's exciting even though I don't ski - the rest of my family does. If I feel up to it, I might try to stand up on Nordic skis again this year. We'll see!

It's been a really nice weekend so far!


Anonymous said...

I miss the first snow!!

That maple leaf looks soo lovely.


Desisoccermom said...

You already got snow! We were in the 60s for the last couple days but next week it is going to be in the 70s and 80s. Glorious Texas fall.
Love the clicks.

Phoo-D said...

I love the photo with the red leaves. Just beautiful! Snow seems to make everything look cleaner.

Sanghi said...

Lovely snow pictures..!

sunita said...

What gorgeous pictures. Wonder if we're going to have any snowfall soon; doesn't look like it at the moment, though the weather is quite pleasant at the moment.

Soma said...

beautiful! i don't ski & never will, but I have a dream of sitting in a log house with a wood burning fireplace & some roaring fire, with some coffee & biscottis.. while watching people ski & the pretty white around.. a fuzzy wuzzy dream, which is probably the remnants of a trip long ago in my childhood to Banff in winter.

Cynthia said...

Really? It is snowing in your neck of the woods already?!

Anita said...

Season change is underway here as well... Coolers are off, every night we turn the fan down one notch, and the geyser is pressed into operation to take the chill off; there is a nip in the morning air. :) Lovely. Yup, I don't live in Bombay...egad, have mercy on me - I meant to say MUMBAI!