Guest Post: From Circles to Trapezoids to Triangles by Jen Yu

Hello lovely IFR readers! Manisha didn't want all of you to feel lonely and neglected while she was in India, so I'm here to prattle on about... cocktail samosas. However, Manisha is still here with us in spirit and certainly in photographs as this is her recipe. I merely followed my dear friend about in her kitchen with my camera while she made these lovely savory pastries from scratch. You see, we had a delightful little old afternoon tea a few weeks ago and Manisha brought these phenomenal morsels to serve.

delicate potato samosas on the second tier

So let's get to work, shall we? Manisha made two types of cocktail samosas: potato and chicken. They are both ridiculously fantastic although I lean ever so slightly in favor of the potato because I am crazy for potatoes.

Eight years is a long time

Yes, eight years is a very long time. That's how long it's been since I last visited India. And that's where I am headed right now, with a few days layover in Zurich.

And we're off on this gorgeous day!
The Flatirons, Boulder

I'm looking forward to hugging family I haven't seen in years, saying hello to new babies, catching up with friends and meeting Anita for the very first time! I have already sent her a long list of what I want her to cook for me. It might not be enough and I might have left some things out. So if you think you have some cool suggestions, feel free to include them in your comments because she reads my blog, you know!

My post about celebrating my friend's pregnancy is still in my Drafts. Preparing for this trip to India took over and there were far too many loose ends to attend to. I decided not to fret over it and will finish it when we get back in 2011.

My awesome friend Jen Yu fought hard against her dislike of Blogger and agreed to do a guest post for me while I'm traveling. That's coming up next week! Until then, wish me safe travels! Stay in touch with me via Flickr or Posterous.