Inspired: To-die-for broiled potatoes

I scream
You scream
We all scream for ice-cream

Except that all of us really prefer potatoes. No kidding! We will forego the delicious cold treat for another helping of that terrific tuber.

I have been enchanted by Gini's Oven roasted potatoes with Indian spices ever since she posted them over a year ago, with perfectly broiled lamb chops. It was only this January that I actually did something about it besides periodically going to Gini's blog to salivate over the pictures!

Broiled lamb chops and roasted potatoes soon became a mid-week favorite. Instead of indulging in some touch-and-feel-and-put-it-back-on-the-shelf therapy at Kohl's, I started going to Sam's Club to pick up a tray of delicious New Zealand lamb chops while Medha was at piano lessons. We'd hurry home and by the time she was done with her shower (read: finished all the hot water), a delicious meal would be ready for the two of us, with plenty leftover for the next day.

To die for broiled potatoes

  • 6 medium red potatoes
  • 1 dried red chilli
  • 1/4 tsp jeera
  • 1/4 tsp coriander seeds
  • 1/4 tsp fennel seeds
  • 1/4 tsp mustard seeds or 1/4 tsp nigella seeds or both
  • 2-3 tbsp olive oil
  • salt to taste

  1. Wash and scrub the potatoes well. Chop evenly into 1 inch size pieces and place in an oven-proof dish or loaf pan
  2. Coarsely pound all the spices using your mortar-pestle.

  3. Sprinkle the spices and salt over the chopped potatoes and toss till they are covered evenly.

  4. Drizzle the olive oil over the spiced potatoes and toss again.
  5. If these are being cooked as a side for broiled lamb chops, then put these in the oven with the lamb. When you turn the lamb over, toss the potatoes, too. Um...otherwise broil these and pull them out after 10 minutes or so to toss them about and return to broil till done - another 10 minutes or so. It really depends on the potatoes so you will have to wing it as far as the total time is concerned.

I served these to-die-for potatoes with lamb chops, a refreshing salad and rumali rotis that I found in the freezer section at my Indian grocer. What I loved about this meal was that it was quick, with minimal clean-up. It was also the perfect meal to satisfy those mid-week cravings and chase away the winter blues.

I'm sending this over to the ever resourceful and entertaining Vaishali as my very first entry ever in Indira's Jihva for Ingredients. The ingredient in the spotlight is Potato!


Anonymous said...

I'm sold. And am liking the whole presentation - the lamb chops an' all. May have to replace the roomali with regular roti though - no freezer section item this. :)

Anonymous said...

You're right, lamb chops with perfectly seasoned broiled potatoes seem like a meal to drive mid-week blues away, will be trying this one out soon!

Anonymous said...

Wow..beautiful..Looks like I have to make them soon or else I will keep coming to your blog to look at those pictures :).

Sig said...

Nice recipe Manisha. Is that the lamb chops showing up in the picture next to the potatoes? Looks too good!I normally make a salad with lamb chops, but next time will surely try these potatos.

bee said...

potatoes over ice cream, for us as well.

Anjali Koli said...

Those reds must smell real good. Saundhi khushbu ie smell that attracts.

Manisha I'm so happy you blog and answer the comments too just like me ;). Three cheers to Annites!

Anonymous said...

Potatoes look beautiful, Manisha. I am trying to teach my daughter that "touch-feel-replace-on-shelf" idea too ;) Glad to see you back!

Unknown said...

Potatoes look perfectly cubed and garnished with spices. Lovely presentation. Wld definitely give it a go this weekend.
Chk here for Aloo masala bath, am sure a treat for all potato lovers:

Anonymous said...

Anita, what, regular rotis? After those bagels you made, I thought roomali roti would be a breeze ;-) The roomali rotis weren't bad at all. They were square and not quite as roomali but I'm not complaining. I haven't had a roomali roti or a pretender for the last 5 years!

Monisha, thanks to Gini, I'm hooked. I hope you like it, too!

Shilpa, try the lamb chops, too. You're eating chicken again, now try lamb!

Sig, yup, those are lamb chops along with salad and a roti. We don't always have roti but salad is always included. The salad I make is a variation of this spring salad. I add dried blueberries - which aren't really dried blueberries as they have corn syrup in them (drat!).

bee, I always thought we were abnormal. Nice to know we have company!

Anjali, that was some discovery, eh? I have wonderful memories even though I was at Anne's for a little less than 3 years! As for replying to comments, to each his own. If I posted several times a week and had a really busy blog, I might do things differently. As you can see - I get to comments almost a day or two later! :-D But I love the interaction and have made some really wonderful friends.

Linda, every time we'd go into the stores and she'd want every toy she saw, I'd fill the cart with toys and just before we checked out, we'd go and put them back. Why? That was where the toys lived, see! They'd miss their home when it got dark. It worked every time. She knows better now, of course! Now I have to use different strategies!

Sanjana, I wonder if you know that those links are useless unless someone is registered with your forums and signed in. So maybe you need to revisit your marketing strategy for your forums. For now, I would appreciate it if you didn't link-drop in the comments on my blog as those links clutter my blog and are quite useless to me and my readers because of the way your forums are set up.

FWIW, I did sign up at your forums. There is a wealth of information in some really wonderful posts. But what you're doing is beginning to get a bit annoying.

A suggestion for you would be: instead of using your Blogger profile to comment - which incidentally is equally useless as your profile is private - consider using the option 'Other' and include the link you wish to drop in the field 'Your Web Page'. That way you get what you want - eyeballs - for your registration/signin page. You will get what you want and I will get what I want. Since I can't edit comments, please note that I may delete your comments from my blog without any explanation in the future - especially if the link is long and messes with my template. Let's hope you return to read this!


I would better live to eat such delicacy

Anonymous said...

Potatoes look delicious. I haven't made those in a while. Australian lamb chops always end up in our shopping cart whenever we are at Costco.
Haven't had roomali roti in years. Will pick some up today while at the grocery store.

Deepz said...

Looks yummy manisha. I am waiting for a picture and recipe of the lamb chops.

Mrs. K said...

Potatoes look great with all those Indian spices. I am glad whenever I see a recipe that calls for nigella seeds. Reason: I have a pack of nigella seeds, but never used it. I bought it after seeing Shammi's recipe for some cheese biscuits.. I have been taking notes of recipes with nigella seeds ever since! Should I begin with this simple, delicious potato recipe? :)

Anonymous said...

hey manisha , gud blog , gud reciepes , i just started blogging since last few days. I have also linked u to my blog Lazzat.

Bong Mom said...

The potatoes do look delicious, but the first pic of the whole masalas with the red flecks is awesome.
And you do have to agree that Kohl's therapy helps :)

Anonymous said...

HKG, it's simple and very flavorful. I like to cut down on my time in the kitchen during weeknights and this works very well!

Gini, I couldn't believe you don't like potatoes! Especially considering how you had me hooked! We have moved this to a biweekly meal since it became too much meat too often for my husband.

Deepz, I will post the recipe for lamb chops soon! I have several deadlines this week and I am trying to meet them all. I use a very simple recipe and it's very hard to mess up. Glad to have you back! Congrats on your wedding once again!

RP, nigella seeds are a great change. I make my own panch phoran - instead of the ready-mix - with it and use it in veggies all the time. Try these potatoes first - only because they are so easy to make!

Rahin, welcome to IFR and to the blogging world. Looking forward to some gems from you soon!

Sandeepa, I like that look, too! I, almost, don't want to put it in the oven because the colors get toned down as it cooks.

Kohl's is great! Especially all the crockery! I look at it, touch it, make plans to make my own and put it back. The 'make my own' is not happening as I am too busy right now. But I can dream, can't I? :-D

TNL said...

yummy husband makes these with an Italian blend of his on Pasta nights...I like your desi twists in this.


Anonymous said...

Roomali...I should probably try it. I might have, the memory blurs..did I upturn the karahi to make it??

But what i want to write about is Sanjana...I never see thru these ploys because I never seem to know when someone is visiting for selfish the system works.

It's really super that here we write, we publish. Or delete!! :)
(BTW, pl enable comments on latest post - or is it again tech-challenged me?)

Anonymous said...

Italian blend? Trupti, please share the recipe! Or have him do another guest post!

Anita, I've never made roomali roti so if you figure it out, I'll follow!

The Indusladies forums are full of information and have several very helpful members. However, after a few comments on my blog, it was obvious that she was here for the linkdrop more than anything else. I haven't checked again but the links she dropped went to a registration page instead of a page or a post to related recipes. I certainly don't mind if there are links that lead to more recipes and discussions but her links were dead-ends. And consistently. So it got a bit annoying. If the links were useful, I'm all for sharing more information!

I believe Indusladies is also conducting an advertising campaign, which is a much better way of advertising their existence than these semi-spammy linkdrops in comments on blogs. Hopefully, whoever is carrying out their 'viral' campaign will read this and rethink that strategy!

And I've enabled comments on the latest post. I am not sure how that happened! Comment away! Sorry about that!

Indivara said...

Potatoes with indian spices are always wonderful( I may even add some saffron and dried rose to the spice blend). I broil mine and have them with some Imli Chutney. They are amazing.

Indivara said...

Potatoes with indian spices are always wonderful( I may even add some saffron and dried rose to the spice blend). I broil mine and have them with some Imli Chutney. They are amazing.