Yahoo! India, the latest players in Plagiarism

Yahoo! India stole content from Malayalam food bloggers to create content on the fly for their new Malayalam portal. They stole images from non-Malayalam bloggers, too. Shame!

Worse still, they shirked any responsibility saying they were misled by their subcontractor, Webdunia. More shame! To both!

They did it once. They need to be stopped before they do it again on the other regional language portals they are bound to launch in India. They - Yahoo! - need to acknowledge intellectual property and copyrights of those whose contents they plagiarized. This holds for every company seeking to launch a portal in India and the world over.

Our content is not yours for the taking.

Stop Plagiarism!

Thank you, Sandeepa, for the image!


bee said...

hear yahoo! complain about others plaigiarise its content.

plagiarism is okay only when they and their contractors do it, it appears.

Anonymous said...

Bee, welcome! Great find! Guess what else? Jeremy Zawodny has pulled posting of comments on that post! I get this error message:
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Please go back and correct the error.

Uh huh!

bee said...

he and the google person had a long p!ssing match on the internet. i guess it got too hot to handle.