I am not looking forward to the teen years...

My 5 year old is already talking back - well, not quite but she does not take anything at face value and the worst part is that she *remembers* the explanation from another conversation, relates it to the current one and points out the flaw in what I was just telling her.

Here's one such conversation as we were driving to the airport.
My angel: Mom, is that a forest?
Me: No, sweetie, those are just a lot of trees in someone's yard.
My angel: Mom is that a forest?
Me: No, darling, that is just someone else's yard with many trees.
My angel: Mom is that a forest?
Me: No, poppet, that is just a plot of land with many trees.
< and it went on...till finally...>
Me: I will tell you when we drive by a forest so you will see what a forest is.
My angel: Is a forest only trees?
Me: Yes! Yes! No houses. Only trees, trees and more trees.
My angel : But, in Goldilocks, she gets lost in the forest and there is a house in which the three bears live...
Me: Arrggggh! I need a Tylenol and some very strong coffee...

Or maybe some of that Chai tea ;-)

Tried some roasted corn lately? Indian style? We call it bhootta.

Roasted Corn on the Cob
Spice Level: Entirely up to you

What you need:
Fresh corn
Red chilli powder
Fresh lemon cut in halves

What to do:
Remove the husk and the silk. Crank your grill on high and place your corn on the grate. It's better if the flames can reach the corn. Keep turning the corn so that it does not burn. It should crackle every now and then. And it's done when most of the individual kernels have a black dot on them but are not burnt or charred. Just nicely roasted. It takes but a few minutes per ear.

Hold the corn by the stem or stick or whatever - for want of a better word!! And dip the lemon into the salt and then the red chilli powder and use it to spread the mixture along the corn, squeezing the lemon as you move up and down the ear. So you get a great mixture of tastes. If you like the flavor of butter, spread some butter on the ear, too.

I prefer mine without the butter. Avoid the red chilli powder for kids - instead smother their bootta with butter. They love that!


Pooh said...

I was going through some of your older posts and this conversation with your daughter tickled me so!