Let's Try That Again!

Happy Diwali!

Pahila diva aaj lage dari
Sukhache kiran yei ghari
Purna howot tumchya sarva ichha
Tumha sarvanna deepavali chya hardik shubhechya!

Today is Dhanatroyadashi, the first day of Diwali. Really! And, unlike yesterday, I got gold: quality time with two of my dearest friends, over lunch. It was also my birthday all over again because they showered me with gifts!

Wow! Still overwhelmed!
I went empty-handed but armed with an IOU that I wrote on the table in invisible ink. An IOU for an idli-dosa-chutney-sambar dinner. I know it will be fun!

My neighbor saved the burfi by giving me some OJ concentrate. I had halved the recipe which required just one orange, which gave me just the right quantity of OJ needed. Except, when it met 1/2 cup of salt instead of sugar, it wasn't the right quantity of anything anymore! We have nice neighbors like that. They've loaned me eggs, butter, nuts, shaken snow off my trees, even climbed into my crawl-on-all-fours attic when the defunct chimney filled up during a blizzard. One more thing to be grateful for? You bet!

I will be turning on all the lights in my house in a short while for a short while. I hope you have a wonderful celebration and those of you who are going to celebrate with fireworks, be safe.