Pinhole It

A little over a year ago, Medha chose to work on an independent research project as part of her Advanced Learning Plan. Her topic of choice was the camera. She made a pinhole camera following these instructions. She loaded it with a 24 exposure 200 ASA roll that had expired. Expired film is 'in' with film camera hobbyists as it leads to all kinds of strange effects and unwitting textures on the photographs.

141/366: Pinhole it
Pinhole Camera
And she got some rather freaky results. Take a look:

Pinhole Sunset
Pinhole Sunset

Pinhole chess set
Pinhole Chess Set

Pinhole kitchen
Pinhole Kitchen

Pretty darned cool, huh? I was so blown away with the results that I vowed to participate in the next World Pinhole Photography Day, celebrated on the last Sunday of April each year. But life took over and I didn't make the matchbox pinhole camera that I had wanted to. But there's always next year and if I miss that, I can do it just because simply at all, right? If you are interested in doing it with me, let me know in the comments and I'll ping you as the time nears. It's a great learning project for kids, many of whom haven't seen a film camera. Imagine that!

In other news:
- the deadline for IFR: Memories is this coming Saturday, on Oct 31st. So rev up that nostalgia and send me a well-written entry with a recipe. No rambling and please try to adhere to the rules mentioned here.
- we have a snow storm brewing. The last time I checked - about an hour ago - we already had an accumulation of about 3 inches on cold surfaces. We're all whooping in delight even though this isn't our first snow of the season. The kids are praying for a snow day so that they can sled to their heart's content but that seems unlikely even though the white stuff been coming down at a pretty good rate!
- I'm on the home stretch for NaBloWriMo, only four more posts and then perhaps NaBloSiMo would be a good idea.


maybelle's mom said...

my husband has done pinholes with students before (with oatmeal boxes.) we keep saying we would like to try it for the blog but then i don't know we just don't. it is awfully tempting.

maybelle's mom said...

by the way, I have been doing those brain exercises daily. thanks for reminding me about them--really reminds me of my grandfather.

Anonymous said...

Those pictures are soo cool!!


musical said...

These pictures have such a vintage feel to them! Medha sure must have enjoyed this project (and the lovely results) a lot!

I can see why the expired film is such a trend, these pictures speak for themselves!

Sheila Bocchine, Pursuit of Art said...

The sunset and the chess set are really neat! Thanks for sharing!! I love pinhole photography.