The Traveling NaBloWriMo Masterpiece

It's kind of tough to come up with something to write about every single day. I wish my life and my thoughts were so interesting that I could! Instead, I indulged in some deep meditative brainstorming - yeah, I slept - and came up with a very creative idea that I copied from this Flickr group.

I bought a canvas that is 11x14" in size. I am going to put my mark on it and then I am going to send it out to a NaBloWriMoer who is willing to be next. I'd like to ensure that this collaborative piece of art does not end up with a large carbon footprint so routing is going to be important. Since I am in Colorado, I'd prefer that it did the tour of Colorado first before heading out of the state. Shipping within the US could be about $10 or more, based on the description of the Flickr group. There is one NaBloWriMoer who is not in the USA, and unless someone is willing to mail this package at international rates, I'm afraid that Nags may not be able to put her mark on this Traveling NaBloWriMo Masterpiece.

These are the NaBloWriMo bloggers with their locations:

  1. Indian Food Rocks - Louisville, CO
  2. Culinary Colorado - Boulder, CO
  3. Use Real Butter - Nederland, CO
  4. groovygrrl - Denver, CO
  5. The Kittalog - Denver, CO
  6. Digging In - Denver, CO
  7. Conch-to-be - Denver, CO
  8. Aaron Delay - Denver, CO
  9. Seriously Wonderful - Denver, CO
  10. Fun Climbs Around the World - Silverthorne, CO
  11. Jugalbandi - Boise, Idaho
  12. Nags of a Similar Ilk - CA
  13. I'm Not Hannah - GA
  14. Thistle Dew Farm - Knoxville, TN
  15. Akshayapatram - OH (Priya's included in this list even though she's not on the official list.)
  16. Mimi On The Move - Brooklyn, NY
  17. Damn Yankee, Vermont - VT
  18. Enjoy Indian Food - US
  19. Siri's Corner - US
  20. Straight From Hel - US
  21. Here it is!!! - TX
  22. Cooking and Me - Singapore
Please do not feel you have to participate just because you are doing NaBloWriMo and your blog is on this list. But it would be great if you did!

Some guidelines:
  1. Use oil paints, acrylic paints or even a Sharpie.
  2. Doodle, paint, write. Just remember to leave some space for those on the list after you!
  3. Let the paint dry and send it out to the next person on the list as soon as possible - like that very day or the next day. I'll create a document on Google Docs and share it with all of those who wish to participate.
  4. No nudity or profanity allowed. Any art that is family and kid-friendly is welcome.
  5. Own it when it is with you and make it colorful.
  6. Take a picture of it, a self-portrait if you wish, before you send it on to the next person on the list. Post this picture on your blog. See? I am giving you fodder for a post! If you're creative, you could have at least two posts from it!
  7. There's no need for link love but that, too, is always welcome. Link to this post or to the post of the blogger who sent it to you and to the blogger you will send it to.
  8. Please do not disclose email addresses and snail mail addresses that you may be privy to because of this travelin masterpiece, to the world or the general public without the explicit permission of the person concerned.
  9. Most of all, have fun!

Be aware that this may go well into November, long after NaBloWriMo is over. Once everyone has had their chance to collaborate on this traveling masterpiece of art, we will pick a random number and that person can have the painting! How does that sound?

It makes most sense for me to mail it to Jen Yu or to Claire Walter, if they are keen on joining in, and then have it go to Denver as there are so many NaBloWriMoers there. Suggestions are welcome!

If you read this before you hear from me either via a comment on your blog or by email, please write to me at polarmate at gmail dot com letting me know if you are in or out. If you are in, please include your mailing address. I'd like to mail this out tomorrow or latest by Friday morning.

I'm hoping you will like this idea! Any takers?

For non-NaBloWriMoers: sorry to leave you out but you can do what you do anyway: cheer us on!


Jen Yu said...

my dear, that is a fabulous idea. what are you doing fri for lunch? i'll be on the flats for medical appts. we can meet up and hand off without leaving the fate of the board to the us postal service :)

bee said...

me too. is jen listening?

Indian Food Rocks said...

Whoa! You people are fast! I was scouring the Internets for email addresses...

Jen, Friday lunch is open! I'll write to you as soon as I get this done.

Bee, you're coming to lunch on Friday, too? It's a long drive but I'll have a room for you. Visitors are the perfect prompt to get D to start the furnace! Please come!

Kitt said...

Great idea! I guess it wouldn't make sense for me to horn in on that lunch, too, since you can't do the hand-off twice, but I'm free ...

Indian Food Rocks said...

Kitt, I could bring paint with me!

amna said...

Its a lovely idea, but like you said, if it can come to me, then I will pass it on.

Where should this end up at?

Anita said...

What can I say? I am speechless. :-)

Indian Food Rocks said...

Nags, we're working on figuring out how to get it to you. Kitt suggested that maybe we can all pitch in a couple of dollars each and send it to you. Glad you're in!

Anita, now that is a first!

Purnima said...

Not interesting?? Says who? Now here I finish reading this, and already 'lunch' is fixed!! Now thats not my idea of uninteresting, is it ? :D Hv a great day! LOVELY IDEA!

Indian Food Rocks said...

Nags, I forgot to mention this earlier but you might end up being the last on the list. In which case, you would hold on to it till we have a winner. You would then mail it to that person. Sound ok to you?

Purnima, what do you know? My life just became very interesting! I am looking forward to meeting two super-awesome ladies on Friday!

Nirmala said...

Hey Manisha so u've found a theme to write about for the rest of the days on NaBloWriMo! But it seems to be fun, and being in India I really miss this :(

Rockquelle, the Rollergirl Next Door said...

I am traveling up to Boulder (Gunbarrel area) on Saturday. Maybe a hand-off could happen then?

And, Kitt (The Kittalog) and I live very nearby--a hand-off for us would be easy. Actually, an Amy, Kitt, Danette (conch-to-be) hand-off would work.

Priya said...

I am in! I am in! Great idea Manisha. I hope it makes it to me by the end of this month, now I need to look for those brushes and learn to use it :P

mimi said...

awesome!! as long as you're not making me to do express overnight, i would be willing to mail it to singapore, so leave me next to last!

Sangeeth said...

really a great idea....I am touched!

Indian Food Rocks said...

Nirmala, you could always do the same thing but within India! Try it and see who's game. And of course, the usual rules apply. You know them by now, right? Including the send me money part? :-D

Amy, so you're in! Hand-offs sound very good. I'm carrying paint with me tomorrow so if Jen wants to be done with it then Kitt can carry it back to Denver. We also have Courtney who is in Broomfield/Boulder to fit into this. Claire is traveling so she won't be able to participate.

Priya, yay! Finger painting is always an option!

Mimi, no express or overnight! Thank you for your generosity! This will take as long as it takes and that, to a large extent, is part of the fun!

Sangeeth, :-D

Priya said...

oooh, thats sounds like fun...or may be I could get back to by toothbrush spray painting...
you know, only y'day I was thinking of making it a NaBloWriFor --fortnight, cos the every day blogging was eating up a lot of time...but now I with this as encouragement I might drag on for a few more days. I'm probably tooo slow in composing my posts :(

Revathi said...

Great Idea, I am in Texas.

Indian Food Rocks said...

Priya, longer posts when you have more time. Don't agonize over it. Write quickly and be done with it.

Revathi, super! Please email me your mailing address.

Betts said...

I'm in. What a cool idea!

Nirmala said...

Hmm nice idea. I will try this here.

Rachna said...

aaaaaaaaaah, include me too please :) or am I too late?

ClaireWalter said...

This sure slipped through the cyber-cracks. (I was away for much of Oct and got way behind on E-correspondence. Apologies.) I'm flattered but so astonishingly ungifted, artistically, that you wouldn't have wanted me to participate in this anyway. Nor, BTW, do you want me to sing.

Claire @