Riddle Me This

Yes, it has come to that. A quiz. But it should be easy for you know-it-alls and you smart image searchers since I cannot confuse you with tricks like these.

So, who am I?

Here's another view of me and my clan.

Is there a prize? Not for you there isn't. But remember my steaming kettle?

Cenk, Lara, Sabra, Nika and Nina seem to like it steamy, too! My pic won the first place in SUPERCLICK 2008: Spectra. Thanks to all the judges! Needless to say, I think you have excellent taste!

Join me in saying: Woo hoo!

Now go on over to Jugalbandi - but don't forget to come back here, we're in the middle of a quiz - and see who else made the top 10 for Spectra and rocked the first year of CLICK. Kudos to Bee and Jai for making CLICK such a fun event and also for putting up with my rubbish in general!


Kitt said...

Pinecone seeds!

Congrats on the win. That photo is totally awesome and deserving.

Missed you today. Maybe next week?

Nirmala said...

I couldn't figure it out :( (anywhere there are no prizes LOL) Congrats dear for that lovely CLICK and you are so modest to name them rubbish ;) I was awaiting u're post for the last 4 hours :) Wishing you and your family a wonderful Diwali!

Nabeela said...

devil's horn?

bee said...

your cape.

Purnima said...

What can it be? The first one looks like a 'bat' frm closeup, the clan looks like butterflies...but end up saying 'no clue'! :D
Congrats on winning- much deserved-for that pic...also the Tsunami one!

indosungod said...

Woo hoo! to you Manisha.

Priya said...

Love the kettle pic, congrats!
UFO ?! and no more using your table until I get one like that! :-x

arundati said...

its a bat.... congrats on the picture win!!

Jyoti said...

It looks like some kind of a seed.. something I have seeb before, something very familiar...cannot recollect right now.

Finla said...

Congragulations with your steaming pot pic.
Broken star anise seed

Indian Food Rocks said...

Kitt, nope and thanks! Next week looks good currently.

Nirmala, so I said there was a prize, you would try harder? I'll give out a badge just like Bee does. How about that?

When I said rubbish, I meant my comments on Bee's posts. Sometimes Jai's, too. But he likes everything to be "on-topic" so I am more than a little scared of him.

Nabeela, I should do quizzes more often! It's so good to hear from you again! And nope, these are edible even when dried.

Bee, I tried very hard to fit into it but it looks like I need to get a new outfit for Hallowe'en. You want it?

Purnima, pretty ya? Poky, too. And thanks!

ISG, yay!

Priya, teeny tiny UFOs! Nope. You come see the table first - I can make you change your mind about its coolness factor. :-D

Always A, ha! ha! A dried bat! Nope and it doesn't smell either!

Jyothi, it is a dried berry. But which?!

Happy Cook, thanks and great thinking but nope! It's intact and no two are alike.

Pelicano said...

Buckwheat. :-D (Could also be rhubarb...but why would you have those?) Buckwheat.

Pelicano said...

Oh! Ah! Hearty congrats on the win!

Anita said...

Ya. I was going to say buckwheat too. The triangular seeds are a dead giveaway... :-D

Unknown said...

Congrats I really liked the steaming pic..I couldnt guess those..:(

Meera said...

chestnut? brazilnut? Well, i know i am wrong.

& yes, we went all the way up the pike's peak. visited garden of Gods too.

Meera said...

oops! I meant to say Congratulations for that awesome picture. loved the kettle as well as tsunami both.

Unknown said...

Congratulations!!!Awesome pics..:)

Rachna said...

wooohoooo, i need to learn from you, what say guruji?