I'm in, baby!

It's October. Fall is here.

And so is Amy's NaBloWriMo. Stumped? Read my first NaBloWriMo post from 2007 and you will see the light.

I signed up only because I am a sucker for her lip-balm. She makes it herself - just like her fabulous soaps - and is giving one out to everyone who signs up.

I should be certified and locked away. I am nuts to sign up for this when I have so much going on that I am falling behind on my commitments. But I simply cannot say no to lip-balm. Hey! Move to Colorado, you will jump out of your newly acquired crocodile skin when you realize that your lips don't feel much different to touch from your driveway.

There will be at least one post a day. Some long. Some short. Some terrible. Some with no words, just a picture. Most without a recipe.

Will you join me for the ride? I hope so!


Rockquelle, the Rollergirl Next Door said...

The sweet, sweet lip balm prize is motivating you! LOL


Purnima said...

Ah..so straightforward! But your writing indeed is informative!!

Alka said...

All the very best!

bee said...

yes, yes. i'll join ya. i love company when i bitch and moan.

Sangeeth said...

good luck! First time here....

Kitt said...

Post away! I'll be glad to see you online a little more. ;-)

Unknown said...

hey manisha.....iam glad that u want the lip balm ! its a rocky time for me ,so reading ur posts will be one of those things that will make me grin! type away!!!!

shabari :)

Mrs. K said...

Anything for a lip balm, eh? I loved it when you participated in NaBloWriMo last time.. and I am sure I'll be enjoying this time too. Bring it on!!
Fall already? More Summer! More Summer!!

Unknown said...

All the best for Na BloWri Po Challenge

Manasi said...

All the best!

musical said...

I am so looking forward to this series from you! And yet, not ready with an answer if i will get to do it myself!! But really, i loved teh series last year, the most fun, most enjoyable posts!

Thank you, thank you,

Jen Yu said...

Go girl! I read your post on my feed and you got me to give it a go as well!! xxoo

p.s. when things settle down for me (gosh, whenever THAT is) let's meet up for lunch or something. i'll start a stalk of my "queen of the night" for you too!

Pelicano said...

Oh lordy no, but I don't mind watching.

Mamatha said...

Looking forward to your posts Manisha.


(testing to see if this comment goes through)

Mamatha said...


Priya said...

yayyy! Buts its been a year already since the last one! thats was super fast Manisha, la lala lala....I am going to have something ready to enjoy when I get to office all this month :P

Indian Food Rocks said...

Amy, anything for your lip-balm! Even the sheer torture of posting every day!

Purnima, I am in a weird sort of funk when it comes to my writing. I'm hoping NaBloWriMo will help me get back some of my mojo.

Alka, thanks!

Bee, woo hoo! Like I said, my air-popper has been called to duty!

Sangeeth, thanks!

Kitt, I am online just not as productive as you have been!

Shabari, I hope things come together for you. I'll be thinking of you - take care, ok?

RP, you mean you enjoyed the sheer torture I went through! And yes, more summer! I'm not ready for snow - which we will no doubt see this month.

Divya, thanks!!

Manasi, thanks!!

Musy, throw your hat in the ring! Worst case scenario? You won't get lip-balm but at least you will write!

Jen, yay you! I'm dreaming of having my own queen of the night already!! So good to see you here!

Pel, wuss! How about you write just one post every week? No? Every two weeks then?

Mamatha, you made it! Yay!

Priya, it's been a year, yes! I started late last year and carried on into November cos I couldn't do 31 posts in 21 days. You might be getting your hopes up too high, you know!

Rachna said...

I have so much going on too, thats why me didnt read... i just have to visit you and feel the mountain air!