Waffling with Pomegranates

Our pomegranate high continues...

We woke up to our first snow storm on Sunday. It was cold, the wind was blowing and I didn't want to get out of bed! The Saturday breakfast tradition has now become the Sunday breakfast tradition. I prefer to stay in bed while father and daughter hash it out between themselves: pancakes or waffles? How about eggs? Sunny side up or scrambled? Why don't we go out for breakfast? And it goes on. Except this last Sunday, the older party to this family tradition claimed to have severe body ache from scrambling to empty out the sprinkler system, getting up on the roof to chop branches, and shutting down the yard and preparing the house for the storm. And, yes, turning on the furnace. So I filled in rather reluctantly and struggled out of the warm embrace of my very comfortable bed to continue this family tradition.

Waffles, it was. And pomegranates on the side. Except that when I turned around to look at Medha's plate, she had meticulously filled every waffle-hole with a pomegranate aril and put some whipped cream on top. She opted not to add any maple syrup to this creation.

It looked way too yummy and I had to make my own. I didn't have the patience to fill each waffle-hole so I heaped my pomegranate seeds on top of a liberal (for me) whoosh of whipped cream.

It was excellent! The pomegranate added a sweet-tart juiciness to the waffle and the whipped cream just made it all better. I had to move quickly to take these pictures as the whipped cream was melting fast on the warm waffles. And there was an impatient set of teeth waiting to dig in.

Our favorite mix is the Arrowhead Mills Multigrain Pancake and Waffle Mix. It has whole bunch of organic flours and sea salt with no sweetener. The texture of pancakes and waffles made with this mix is a little crumbly because of the organic corn flour it contains, and takes some getting used to. But once you are a convert, there is no going back to the regular brands. I follow the recipe for waffles that is on the packet to make crispy waffles.
Image taken from Arrowhead Mills web site

Having enjoyed every bite of those unique waffles, our Indian genes reared their heads and soon we were digging into some delectable pohe sprinkled with spicy sev.

What can I tell you?! Breakfast is best when it is not sweet!


bee said...

yes. breakfast is best when it is not sweet and when it is not doused with cinnamon.

musical said...

I completely agree with your last statement! I always prefer a savory b'fast as well :-D. Medha is very innovative! A great foodie in the making :).

And the first picture is great!

musical said...

Oh and did i say that pohe and upma make the best b'fasts :).

Suganya said...

I think it is in our genes, always craving for something spicy :)

Dani said...

You have such a wonderful blog; I've enjoyed visiting during NaBloWriMo. How do you make blogger behave so wonderfully, and make it do such nice tricks? And those marvelous photos!


TheCooker said...

Burnol an anti-biotic...who would've thunk?
That was much before my label reading days.

Agree w/ you: savoury breakfasts are the best...pohe, upma, phodnichi-poli.

Indian Food Rocks said...

Bee, Medha might disagree about the cinnamon bit. She has recently discovered the joys of toast, slathered with a goop made of cinnamon powder, sugar and butter. It's her pre-breakfast on weekends.

Musical, upma is a hot favorite for breakfast, with afternoon tea and sometimes I throw in a lot of veggies and that's what's for dinner!

Suganya, I couldn't agree more! I actually prefer chutney or achaar with my pancakes. :-D

Hotbutton Press, welcome to IFR! And thank you! I loved your knitting blog. I claim to knit, too - it's just that it takes me years to finish anything! Hmm! I just realized I have fodder for a NaBloWriMo post. You'll see it soon!

I am still on the old Blogger templates - once I upgrade to the new layout whenever that is - things should improve quite a bit here.

Madhu, thanks! I can't view your Blogger profile so I can't tell if you are the same Madhu I am thinking of. Please make your profile public and if you are on Wordpress, add your wordpress blog's URL to the field 'My Web page'.

TC, and like most antiseptic ointments, it's something we don't need especially in the OTC strength. Or at least that is what my sister keeps telling me!

Phodnichi poli is shredded poli with phodni? I love that!

My breakfast is usually leftovers from the previous night's dinner. There are many people who won't eat last night's dinner for breakfast or will eat only 'breakfast items' for breakfast. I was therefore thrilled to find out that Andrew Weil actually prefers leftovers for breakfast, too. And it makes a lot of sense. It's usually savory or spicy and not sweet. Which means that you won't be getting hungry in less than an hour once your blood sugar drops. It's quite filling and is usually a more balanced meal that cereal and milk. It also saves a ton of time in the mornings!

Pelicano said...

The poha looks really good, I would go for that as I only like sweet breakfasts once in a blue moon. But what Medha did to her waffle was charming...I bet she's tickled that you snapped a photo and posted it! You make your own waffles huh? A rare thing nowadays...makes me think I ought to bring my own iron out into the light. It's been awhile. Hmmm. I've used that mix for pancakes though- yes, good stuff!

So, POM Tea eh? You must have the same set of complimentary drinking-glasses in your cupboard then...with matching coasters! :-D

Anita said...

The pictures are enticing enough that I want to consider a not-so-sweet breakfast, but I will need the back-of-the-pack recipe. And to approximate the multi-grain flour you use, what flour mix do you suggest? Atta mixed with...? thali peeth flour mix :D ?

Yes, not only for breakfast,but even for snacks we Indians crave spicy and savoury...a cookie can never be a samosa with chai - the perfect balance of yin and yang!

How I used to wish I could pick a savory snack with my coffee from the corner cafe for the mid-morning snack at work in Denver...I would pick focaccia sometimes - not the same.

Anita said...

And yes, TLO, you are very nifty with blg-tricks - your is the only Blogger-blog where I don't have to 'view page in new tab' to write a comment! What's with Blogger there?

Indian Food Rocks said...

...the pohe won even though the waffles weren't sweet. There is no sugar in the mix but the recipe called for 1 tbsp of honey.

And, yup, I make my own waffles.

I don't know which I like more - the POM tea or the POM glasses! Matching coasters? I don't keep the lids! I never thought of using them as coasters!

Indian Food Rocks said...

Anita, follow the link to Arrowhead Mills' site to see the different flours in this mix. Corn flour seems to be in a higher proportion. There's wheat, brown rice and rye flours as well as white flour. The recipe called for some oil, honey, an egg and regular or soy milk. Let me look up pancake mixes in The Joy of Cooking for you to see if there is a nice homemade mix you could make.

Bagels are 'in', as breakfast food. With light cream cheese. That's what we had for breakfast most of the time when we were on the road this summer.

'View page in new tab'? Most templates have the permalink on the post title or the time of the post (at the end of each post). Many people choose to have comments pop-up in a new window. I prefer to have them show on the same page. But to add a new comment, you have to go to the Blogger page. So I am a little confused by your question!

Anita said...

When you click on 'post a comment' only half the comment window opens and you cannot see what you type, or even the full word verification unless you 'open in a new tab', and you cannot pull to make the window bigger!

I got around the problem only when I read Kalyn's note somewhere (many months ago) about trying to open the comments in another tab/window to get around this bug...it seemed to have fixed itself but lately it's back bugging us.

Richa said...

hey, ur pohe looks very very good! how about ur recipe, it looks so very soft :) love pohe anytime )

musical said...

Upma with lots of vegetables is an all time food, na! i will add paranthas, rave idlis and sajjige/sooji rotti to that list too :-D.

My love for sooji stands out :-D

musical said...

Lemme brag a lil' ;). For evening snacks with coffee, there's now a Falafel shop around, walking distance from the local Starbucks, so i do get to have some chai-pakoda kinda' luxury once in a while :-D.

And i am really hungry now!

Swaruchy said...

manisha.....its a nice blog u have here.....And the waffle with pomegranate seeds looks cute :-) I can imagine it wud have been very tasty :-)
And abt Poha......which Indian doesn't like it.....The simplicity of that dish is its strength :-)

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