Acrostic Poem

Srivalli of Cooking 4 All Seasons tagged me for the Middle Name Meme. But I don't have a middle name. No problem! Come up with a name you would have liked to have had, she said. It was so difficult naming Medha and now I am being asked to name myself? Personally, I think my parents had the same problem. Why else would they have given us names like Neeta, Supriya and Manisha? Do you know how common these names are?

The meme asks me to

  1. Twist my brain to come up with one fact that is somehow relevant to my life for each letter of my middle name.
  2. Write a post with these middle name game facts
  3. Then tag one person for each letter of my middle name for this meme
  4. Hark on over to their blog to tell them of this mighty privilege.

Ah! I get it! She wants me to write an acrostic poem, just like the one Medha wrote for me on my birthday!

She spelled indispensable incorrectly and is a little messy but I love this! Especially the attractive part. I couldn't have asked for a more thoughtful birthday card!

Medha is not my first baby. No scandal here, so you may exhale, please! My first baby was my sister's son. I remember driving her to the nursing home with white knuckles. She told me much later that she had had several contractions on the way but she suffered through them in silence because she was determined to have her baby in a safe environment. I have a very low pain threshold and the result would not have been good if I had known how much pain she was in. Self-preservation at play!

My nephew was the first newborn I ever saw - newborn as in just. right. now. born. He is also the only infant I have ever seen do the walking or stepping reflex, a primitive reflex where the infant attempts to walk when held upright by the hands and its feet touch a flat surface. It's quite an amazing sight as they cannot support their own weight at the time. I was also convinced he was half-frog as his feet were angled just like those slimy amphibians and his toes seemed to touch his shins!

This wonderful child used to call me Misha. Just like his primitive reflexes and his frog-feet that straightened out, Misha also disappeared. His favorite statement was: Misha, tu jaaa!

To honor those lovely memories, I choose Misha as my middle name.

Meditative. I think. Sometimes too much. All in a good way though.
Intuitive. Rationale and logic are my middle name, really. But my right brain also works over time.
Sentimental. Do I really need to elaborate?
Honest, a bit too honest. So honest that I end up saying the right thing at the wrong time.
Assertive, without being aggressive.

I am tagging:
Inji Pennu
H - Gee! There's no-one on the DH memberlist whose name starts with H! The only blogger I could come up with at this wee hour was HKG but he has changed his name! So I am going to tag Pel. Why should Vee be the only one who gets to break rules! Hmmph!

I hope these Five Fab Bloggers check their stats and see where their referrals come from. I might not be able to leave a comment on their blogs till later tomorrow.

Where's the recipe? Tomorrow. But before I go, here's a cool interactive tool to help children (and bloggers) build acrostic poems. Also checkout this collection of acrostic poems written by children and teachers, alike.


Srivalli said...

hahha...that was fun to read manisha...sorry misha..."walking or stepping reflex", well i see my second walking like this now and enjoy it so much...and your daughters poem is so sweet!....

Padmaja said...

hey interesting post and loved what medha wrote!!

Raaga said...

wow... the joys of aunt and motherhood :-) Nice me-me.

Purnima said...

I truly admired your Medha's B'day card for you..Out of this world!! Isn't watching a baby progress a truly miracle of nature? Nice name Misha..and nice me-me (Ashi me-Ashi me--hehee..I feel English me is derived from Marathi Me..whatsay??

indosungod said...

Manisha, you are well on track for the 30 or was 31 days non-stop blogging and lucky us :) we get to read everyday.
How about your baseball team called the Colorado Rockies? I saw a 15 minute news segment on their win and 8 day break, thought I'd check with you.

sunita said...

What a fun post...and that was so sweet of Medha...these little gestures are what will remain etched in your heart forever.

Mrs. K said... one of my favorite bloggers is writing everyday! Good news for me. :) I've been here, quickly reading, and leaving without leaving a comment.. Now Medha's card did it! So sweet. I wanted to ask you if the part of face I saw in your AS profile is your own face, but after seeing your image in officially lost mind post, I conclude that it is nothing but your image. They look same. :)

Indian Food Rocks said...

Go Rockies!!! What an amazing winning streak! And yay for me for not missing a day since I started!

I am glad you guys enjoyed this post, especially Medha's poem!

Purnima, that is priceless! Ashi me, ashi me!

RP, you have been bitten by the Inji bug! Of course, it is me! My blog is all about funny faces, including mine!

Siri said...

Lovely post Misha...:D

TheCooker said...

Wonderful post. The card is lovely!

In an essay, my son once wrote 'I think my mom loves me a lot because she never sends me to bed hungry.' Ofcourse he now finds it awfully embarassing.
I tell him that by saving such nuggests we are not only preserving memories but also collecting ammunition for teasing-sessions for the years to come!

I've been enjoying you daily posts a lot.

musical said...

Medha's lil' b'day card is so touching! And Misha is such a cute name :).

This truly was a heartwarming post! Hugs to the two kiddos :).

bee said...

lovely meme. medha's card shows that she herself is very intuitive - like her mom.

Swaroopa said...

loved what medha wrote for you. loved the whole post. thanx 4 sharing

Shilpa said...

Day by day I am becoming a greatest fan of Medha. That card must have made you so happy. I just wonder why I didn't think of something like that for my mom. Medha is amazing...

Laavanya said... this is where she used the 'indispensable' that she was asking her dad about huh? :) That's so cute. Didn't know that these were called acrostic poems though I've attempted doing this several times. That was a nice meme Manisha.

Sig said...

Wow, that is such a cute card from Medha... And nice meme, assertive without being aggressive, that is a great skill to have... :)

sra said...

I like the garland around the card too. Thanks for tagging me, will take it up as soon as I can think of what middle name to give myself