Memories of Summer

Happy Dasara to everyone! May good always triumph over evil!

It was a gorgeous day with a high of near 80F but it was also very long and exhausting as we prepared the house and the yard for the storm. My main worry is that we may have a repeat of last October's storm.

Brrr! Cold!

The good news is that the furnace has been turned on! Even though, the rest of the week is going to be simply glorious. Almost like late spring, early summer.

Ah! Memories of summer!

And I am not the only one writing about or obsessed with the weather...


Anita said...

That is a beautiful picture, Manisha - capturing the juicy essence of summer.

Talk about the weather then, if you must... :D We are having balmy days here in Delhi. Perfect.

musical said...

Lovely pictures, Manisha. And you indeed are not the only weather obsessed person-i am the same :). Its been really windy here today evening, and i was feeling so felt so much like East Coast fall here.....the Sun had extra rich golden hues.....the wind tingled the senses with pure nostalgia!

musical said...

Oh, and the fall must be enjoying those!

Indian Food Rocks said...

Anita, that is the essence of this last summer! Lots of citrus, even though I did not get any Meyer lemons this year.

Musy, that is poetry in prose! Lovely!

Fall colors are rather muted here. Mostly hues of gold. The younger maples are just turning bright red though. It won't last after today's storm.

Anonymous said...

Warm festive greetings to you and yours,too Mane.

A have a long overdue email that will hopefully come your way this week. All else in there.

I love that you are posting everyday. Hope it lasts longer than just the month.

Ha, look who's talking!