It's Thank You time!

This is long overdue and I thought Friday would be a perfect day to look at my stats and say a huge thank you to all the wonderful blogs and friends out there who have been sending me visitors through this year. I'd like to begin by thanking all the wonderful Indian food blogs on this past post who continue to send relevant traffic to my blog. I have another 30 blogs that send me significant traffic. In alphabetical order, here are the first 15.

A Mad Tea Party is precisely that, a blog where you can let your hair down and have a good time. Anita is a very gracious hostess but do not underestimate her as the pen is her mighty sword and she wields it exceedingly well when she relates tales and recipes from her Kashmiri heritage as well as regional Indian recipes. Some of her stellar posts include her latest on her Continuing Discovery of Indian Cuisines, The Big Fat Kashmiri Wedding and Stuff, Food Glorious Food, and A Delhi Summer - On the Streets. These are just at the tip of the iceberg. Go dig through her archives for some, I mean gold!

A Pinch of Spice, written by SJ, tried out my Nutty Green Beans and came up with a low-cal version. She also has delicious Bengali recipes like Bhapa Ilish or steamed hilsa and Kolkata's Mishti Doi.

Ahaar, written by Mandira and Aswin, is chockful of recipes that are international as well as very Indian. They have a Healthy Sabzi Series, a Pumpkin Mousse that is just right for this season and a Pomegranate Rasam.

Akshayapaatram, written by Priya, used to filled with stories of student life. No more! The resident has graduated, got a job and moved to a kitchen she can call her own! If you didn't know, go over and congratulate her on her success. While you are there, insist on some of her Ginger Tea with Pav Bhaji.

Anna Parabrahma, written by Anjali, and not Anna as I initially thought, is the only Koli blog around! Me dolkara, dolkara, dolkara dariya cha raja. Anjali has authentic Koli recipes as well as Koli folklore. It was a thrill to find out that she, too, used to be a red-check!

Chachi's Kitchen, written by Saju and family, is all about East African influences on Ismaili food. One of my best friends in Kenya used to be Ismaili and Saju's blog brings back many memories of the wonderful food her mother used to make for us. Don't miss her recipes for Matoke, Mandazi and Mogo. They are celebrating a triple birthday party this weekend so be sure to wish them!

Cooking 4 All Seasons, written by Srivalli, hosts the Microwave Easy Cooking Event and also has a series called Lunch box ideas. Her Nawabi Biryani is on my list of recipes to try!

Cooking Made Easy, written by Nidhi, has some great news for us! Nidhi has many talents, one of which is cake design. She was also a guest star on Emeril Live. Uh huh! She's a celebrity!

Cooking Pleasures, written by Meena Kandlakuti, also has great news for us. Meena makes a mean Mushroom Manchurian and a drool-worthy Nellore Fish Curry.

Dining Hall, is a community blog for food bloggers, started by Indira. I am a co-Admin at that blog and recently, with Sree's help, I redesigned the layout. Dining Hall is a food bloggers community web site, created mainly to discuss and exchange tips and pointers for fruitful food blogging experience.

Elaichi Etcetera, is written by the King of Thalia, also known as Pelicano. Pel is a treasure trove of information and has all kinds of tricks up his sleeve. He has recipes from the world over, but Indian cuisine remains his favorite. That is not to say that one can ignore his Krung Kaeng Khiew Wan or in simple language, Thai Green Curry Paste.

Food Blog Desam, an RSS feeds aggregator, was developed by Mathy of Virundu and Indira. Mathy has an excellent post on Dining Hall explaining Food Blog Desam, how it works and how to get your blog listed.

India Inc., from Digital Inspiration, written by Anurag and Sweta, covers "the Indian Economy, Financial Markets, Currency movements, Commodity trading, Corporate Actions, Taxation, Branding, Marketing, Law, Sector and Company analysis, and anything which is of interest to the readers. In totality, it is a one stop shop for information about Indian businesses." Thank you!

Jugalbandi, written by Bee and Jai, burst on the scene only in Feb 2007 and have brought a new charm to the world of Indian food blogging. They focus on healthy recipes, garden like those possessed, and promote an overall environment conscious attitude. And once in a while, Bee rants and I, for one, love those posts! They love all types of bread, have a fascinating series of postcards from around the world and recently started a new Photography event called Click.

Lazzat, written by Rahin, has Quick N Easy recipes, a must-try yummy recipe for tava kulcha and more!

I raise a toast to you all!


Anonymous said...

there's something for you at jugalbandi.

Srivalli said...

Manisha...thats so sweet of you...and yes try that nawabi one and you will love it...thats the most wonderful one I remember having when I was eating meat!

musical said...

Ooh, thats a great one, Manisha-cuz' you highlight the yummy delights from each blog :). Many of these blogs are universal favorites!

Priya said...

Thank youuuuuuu :) You are the sweetest! IFR has always been a wonderful read Manisha, and you have in many ways inspired me to be more thoughtful about the things I do. I am glad I got to know you and so many others through our blogs and hope to stay in touch for ever :)

Anita said...

You say the sweetest things, Manisha. And you spin quite the web yourself, where we all get entangled...Thanks for writing IFR!

(See - no smart comments this time :D - I too can be nice)

Nabeela said...

Wow....I'm amazed by the number of blogs that popped up in the last year. I have over 200 blogs on my rss feed...but still more than 75% of the blogs you listed here are not on it. I need to rectify that soon!

Pelicano said...

Oh, you've done so much hyperlinking! I really enjoyed reading all of these nice things you've had to say- especially those about me! [dabs his eye] Cheeky sentiment aside, you really made my day TLO!

Thank you!

Finla said...

Manisha really nice of you to apriciate the other food bloggers.
I even founnd new blogs which i didn't know. Thankx.

Anonymous said...

A nice gesture towards fellow bloggers :)
BTW congrats on the Click award :)

Gini said...

Congrats on all the click wins.

TBC said...

Congrats on being one of the winners of *CLICK*.

Indian Food Rocks said...

Yay! I got the Click Concept award! I am so thrilled! Thank you all very much!

Srivalli, I couldn't believe that you make something so delicious yet don't eat it?! How?! How?!

Musical, glad you like it! I quite enjoy it, too!

Priya, now don't make me cry! [sniff!] I think we have built ourselves a wonderful community. Good luck to you always!

Anita, [deep bow] and I am glad we found each other!

Nabeela, there's an ongoing explosion and I am afraid I can't keep up. I miss out on a lot of really good blogs. Which is why the blog events help so much!

Pel, you have made my day on so many occasions! What can I tell you?

Happy Cook, glad you found new blogs to read through this list.

Cinnamon, this is just the first instalment. I was hoping to do this more often - every 6 months at least - but better late than never.

Gini, all the entries were fabulous! This is an entry that is begging to be made!

Anjali Koli said...

Manisha ...sniff, sniff, ...Thank you red-checks! Hugs.

Mandira said...

Manisha, just saw this post... thank you! You made my day!!
Just picked up some fresh pomegranates... it's time for that rasam again ;)

Rahin said...

hey manisha , just saw ur post , thank u for the mention, the write up is very sweet :)

Saju said...

I just saw this, Manisha thank you very much for including my blog. i love you blog too.