Just Four!

While I don't have issues with the word tag per se, I am particularly bad with memes. It's like going to the post office: something that has to be done for someone else. Once I am there, I am fine but getting there kills me.

However, a meme is great fodder for a NaBloPoMo post! Rachna tagged me for this meme of Fours. So here goes:

  • 4 Places I’ve lived:

    • Bombay, India, it's a love-hate relationship
    • Nairobi, Kenya, my Shangri La
    • Chestertown, New York, you can't get anymore in the boonies than this! There were less than 500 people there in winter.
    • New Lenox, Illinois, where a lot of my friends are

  • 4 Jobs I've had

    • Systems Analyst
    • Senior Consultant
    • Project Coordinator
    • Strategist

  • 4 Jobs I wish I had (not part of the meme but include it if it appeals to you):

    • Sleep bed tester
    • Foot massage quality control
    • Developer of games that stretch the mind for kids
    • Interior designer, with an emphasis on building homes for short people

  • 4 places I've holidayed:

    • Mombasa, Kenya, white sands and blue ocean
    • Goa, India, brown sand and lots of fish curry
    • Moab, Utah, I can't get enough
    • Nova Scotia/ Prince Edward Island, Canada, one of the most beautiful and scenic places I've been to

  • 4 Favorite foods:

  • 4 Places I'd rather be:

    • Right now? Most definitely in bed!
    • In the mountains
    • On vacation in the Badlands, Glacier National Park, Monument Valley
    • In bed! I know I already said that! But that's how badly I want to be there!

  • 4 bloggers I like to pass this meme onto
  • These three gals are fellow NaBloPoMo bloggers and could use this when the well starts to run dry.

And, don't forget to read Rachna's meme!


Latha Narasimhan said...

Nice Meme Manisha! :) Looks like you posted after ahard day at work! No wonder you need a good sleep! :)

Anita said...

Bee, your wish is answered - you get to smirk now!

And I do hope Jai will be a sport and indulge us...

just like Manisha - the Strategist - here.

Srivalli said...

Oh I checked and saw you had done it...so I tagged bee..see what that came too..:)..but good you got Jai in the hook..now lets see how he can go about with that smirk..your wanna be is good...

Rachna said...

aw thanks manish for taking on the meme...cho chweet of u... mombasa....yey i remember some of my kiddy days there..spotting fishes on a glass bottom boat out in sea..... we were in kenya too...sawagongo and then kisumu......

good yu tagged jay...after bee's lovely tag rant on dining hall...im now waiting to be 'tagged' again ... so i can tag jay too..... :)

Padmaja said...

Manisha!! After Reading Bee's rants at dining hall and came here to yours!!
I love your meme, its very interesting to know that you too love to be on bed. You know I am desperately waiting to take off from work for a week and sleep all day be pampered. Gosh it might be a mirage as of now!!!

Nupur said...

If you ever really start designing homes for short people, I will be your first customer. Would be nice to walk around my own home lugging a step-stool :)

Nupur said...

*not* lugging a step-stool, I meant. sorry!

Siri said...

Ok, now u are my 'the' culprit Manisha.. inspired by u, I took up the NaBloPoMo challenge of blogging everyday for the next 15 days..:))
Hehehe..Loved ur Meme...:)

Priya said...

Sleep bed tester...hmm.. how did I miss that on Monster !!
On my first shopping trip for the apt I got a step stool & my frnds tease me saying its the most important piece of furniture at home :))

bee said...

shyte. rachna had tagged me too, and i'd completely forgotten about it. btw j says he's not talking to you. lol.

musical said...

He he, cute meme :). Now go to bed and dream about hapoos :-D.

Sagari said...

nice post manisha

Kitt said...

Ha! Meme answered, and easily enough, since I already did that one in August '06. But I added "Jobs I wish I had." Thanks! Easiest tag to date!

Momisodes said...

I loved reading this! I can't believe we tagged each other on the same day...too funny. Great minds think alike ;)

Thanks so much for the tag! I'm on it like white on rice :)

Indian Food Rocks said...

Latha, it was indeed a long day at work yesterday and I even managed an hour's worth of workout at the gym! Yay me!

Anita, Jai is a great sport. I am sure he won't let us down. He must understand our need to know all this stuff about him!

Srivalli, looks like everyone but Jai is smirking!

Rachna, I never visited Sawagongo but we went to Kisumu a lot. Lake Victoria-Nyanza was gorgeous!

Padmaja, I hope you get your week off! I can get a week off, I just don't know who would pamper me!

Nupur, I'm with you! The counters are too high and the top two shelves in the cabinets are unreachable!

Siri, you go girl! Next year do the whole month, OK?! And start in October with NaBloWriMo.

Priya, it's a hot job and there are too many of us vying for it! Step stool, bed and computer chair - more valuable than jewelry!

Bee, hee! hee! Glad you noticed! Jai's not talking to m? What did I do? You're the culprit and I get the blame? Not good! No! No! :-D

Musy, mango wars are about to erupt again. Anita will be here talking about her Dusseri, Amrapali, Sindoori and whatever else very soon!

Sagari, thank you!

Kitt, August last year?! Has it really been propagating for that long?! Thanks for being such a great sport!

Sandy, I couldn't believe my eyes! Your meme is tougher though I have done part of it here. Looking forward to interesting nuggets about you!

Kribha said...

Nice knowing more about you. Sleep bed tester job sounds intresting. If you get one recommend me also.

bee said...

is this your site?

Anita said...

Arre, Musy, why fight over which Mango is better/tastier - when you can have 'em all! Some can only dream... :D It's like the rices - each has its uses - thought the brown kind are a bit constrained!

Indian Food Rocks said...

Ha! Ha! Kribha! Sure thing!

Bee, no, that is not my site. However, that site is republishing my posts, content and images, in their entirety. Their contact form does not work. So last night I left them a message in their forums late last night - which are a nasty piece of works cos of the pop-up ads. That message will serve as first contact.

Indian Food Rocks said...

Musy, can I predict the future or can I?!