Outdoor Winter Skating

The Steinbaugh Pavilion in downtown Louisville that rocked with music in summer during the Street Faire is now converted to an old-fashioned outdoor skating rink. Called WinterSkate, it's organized by Boulder Creek Events and this is its fourth year in downtown Louisville. There is Holiday music, of course, and free horse-drawn carriage rides in the evenings.

We went this afternoon but the real magic is in the evenings when it is all lit up.

Oops! There were falls galore! Lots of giggling and laughing!

followed by some bonding...

There was a very talented young girl on the rink and she stunned us with some really graceful moves.
WinterSkate is open seven days a week and it is open till midnight on New Year's Eve. Medha 's already making plans for her New Year's Eve. Dream on, I say!

On our way home, we stopped at Harper Lake to watch the sun set. The house below is on the short trail leading to the lake. How lucky are the people that live there!

The colors were muted compared to the shows the skies have been putting up for us lately. But it was beautiful, nevertheless.

It really has been a wonderful holiday week, topped off by a spectacular Sunday.

How was your Sunday?


musical said...

That sounds like lots of fun! i had a very boring day ;).

Vilma Bergstrom said...

Surprise, surprise, my niece and her 9-month-old son from Jacksonville, FL were in Colorado Springs for the holidays and spent Sunday with me and Mary. They came up around noon, we went to Flatirons Mall for lunch and some hsopping, came back home to visit and play DDR. It was a great finish for our Thanksgiving holiday. Mary always enjoy having family around.
Let me know when you are going skating again. We've never tried and Mary would enjoy it.

Indian Food Rocks said...

Musy, it was! If it weren't for Medha, I'd have slept all day. :-D

Marysmom, I haven't yet ventured to the malls! I don't think I want to either! Your day sounds like fun and it's always great when family comes to visit. Mary must have enjoyed playing big sister to her cousin.

I will definitely let you know the next time we're headed to WinterSkate. And if you plan to get there before we do, let me know and we'll join you!

Momisodes said...

Wow! You have amazing photos from the weekend :) The last one was breathtaking.

We're all hovered around the fireplace here,....it's getting chilly!

Anita said...

A chilly day with snow on the ground and bright sunshine - perfect weather for...hot chocolate! Did you have any?

The pictures (yes,particularly the last one) are great!.

amna said...

such fun!

Padmaja said...

Manisha!! great outing dear and i am very sure that medha had an amazing time. I love those fantastic photos!!
Btw, did you check the tip Antony gave about cracking a coconut??

Alpa said...

Look at all that white! 2 years in Vermont and didn't learn to ski or skate, lol. Medha is so lucky you take her to all these awesome places!

Siri said...

Awesome pics Manisha..:) sounds like u had a lot of fun. My Sunday was so boring. unlike urs..! Thanks for sharing such lovely pics with all of us.

~ Siri

Kribha said...

Glad to see that you have enjoyed your weekend. I've done winter skating 5 years back. I just went one round that too holding the hands of another girl who took pity on me. As for my hubby, he would have fallen umpteen number of times. Still, he made it on his own till the end.
The last pic of the sunset at Harper lake was awesome.