Mountain Lion Update

We are obsessed with mountain lions around here. And what could be more scary than a mountain lion inside a home?!

When we moved to Louisville, we were told that mountain lions are rarely seen. Then there were sightings in the park close to our home. We were then told that attacks are rare. Then there were a couple of attacks. What next?

Well, the mountain lion actually broke into someone's home!

Medha insists on locking every door in the house at night ever since she saw the video of the cat leaping out of the El Paso man's house.
mountain lion breaks into home

All I can say is Wow! What was that cat thinking?!


Anonymous said...

Thatz very scary. Stay safe.

Anonymous said...

Oh my god...lions in the home?? Your post scared me to death :(.

Anonymous said...

Hi Manisha,

I saw this on the news yesterday and thought of you. I'm pretty happy now that I was in a hotel out in Colo. Springs -- further west it was a cabin and not a sturdy one. We humans are ever encroaching on the wild creatures... pretty scary reality. Take good care :)

Anonymous said...

Jayshree and Shilpa, it is a little unnerving.

Linda, the problem is multi-fold. We're encroaching on their territory, there is abundant prey for them in the lower altitudes and in Boulder County, the problem is compounded by the fact that their population is increasing. Since they are territorial in nature, the weaker and younger males don't have much of a choice but to move into what man considers his own territory.

When we went on the hike in RMNP last weekend, I felt like I was being paranoid when I kept Medha close to me. But then this news broke shortly thereafter!

We're hoping that we won't have such a close encounter any time soon! As for that nasty raccoon that tore my pond apart...