Happy Mother's Day!

Thank you, Mom, for those breakfasts every single weekday that I never appreciated.

c. 1980

A typical breakfast was a small papaya or an avocado, both of which I hated. The avocado, more so, because it was bland and flavorless and had to be sprinkled with sugar and mushed before being eaten. There was always toast with butter, perhaps the only part I ate willingly. And, some form of eggs — fried or scrambled were easier to eat than boiled, because I could never swallow the yolk. And then there was a mug of milk. I detested it so much that Bournvita, Milo, or any other chocolate powder only made it worse. I almost always spilled that mug of milk, got it all over my school uniform and was at the receiving end of a yelling by both Mom and Dad. Mom, because she was simply exasperated with me. Dad, because we had to leave by 7:15 am or else he would be late to work.

Another reason I spilled the milk every morning were those horrid Seven Seas cod liver oil gel tablets. They got stuck in my throat — probably because the egg yolk was also jammed in there — and then I tasted cod liver oil all day long. The gels were easier to deal with than the liquid, which was like swallowing smelly, liquid bubble gum that someone else had chewed.

But look where I am now! I may still not be a fan of cod liver oil but there's almost nothing I won't eat! I enjoy egg yolks, runny or firm. I love avocados. And I would be delighted to be treated to even half of that breakfast that I did not appreciate back in my tweens and teens.

Thank you, Mom!

Happy Mother's Day!


Anita said...

Oh, you poor girl with the swallowing problem! :D But a lot of God it did you. Did M do the same to you? Because then it's forgiven.

Happy Mother's day to you and your readers!

Indian Food Rocks said...

Anita, it looks like my child inherited my problems, in more ways than one! I call it payback!

anna in spain said...

I can't imagine eating an avocado with sugar--we always ate them with lemon juice, salt and sometimes Tabasco sauce! I have used them, mashed, as a spread for sandwiches, blended with spices or chutney. But always sour and hot, never sweet.