Craftsy Giveaway Winner & Friday Feature: Faces of India

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Last November, I made a quick trip to India, and what a trip it was. I went to attend the wedding of a dear friend as well as handle some pending business, and ended up meeting a whole bunch of friends — some for the first time, like Anjali Koli. I have known Anjali online for over seven years. She and I were both Red Checks at St. Anne's High School in Fort, Bombay, albeit years apart. Anjali has always held me spellbound with her stories of the Koli culture. The Koli community are the fisher-folks that brave the rough seas in and around Mumbai to bring prized catch to ever-demanding customers.

I have memories of going to the fish market with my mother, afraid and in-awe at the same time. Anjali took me to one of the markets from my childhood and the fisherwomen did not scare me anymore. Instead, I chatted with them and laughed at their stories, while they smiled for my camera.

If you are so lucky as to be in Bombay, you might want to check out the Koli Culture Experience with the best guide there could ever be, Anjali.

Where: Colaba Fish Market, Bombay
What: Fish and beautiful fisherwomen, and Anjali.


fisherwoman profile
Colorful and beautiful

Full of laughter

doing brisk business
Doing brisk business

small fish and prawns
cleaning fish

gentle kindness 

prized pomfret

pomfret seller
all smiles

fisherwoman mincing her wares
busy at work, mincing

Anjali's aunt

Gracious lady

Swordfish, shark, and black pomfret

I went home with more fish than three people could eat for several meals, such is the generosity of the Kolis. I also went home bearing gifts from Anjali, homemade mango-elaichi sandesh and a huge can of alphonso mango pulp. Anjali knows exactly how much I love mangoes! My day was filled with love from people I had just met. It is an experience I hold close to my heart, one I will never forget.


Unknown said...

Beautiful pics, Manisha. Absolutely beautiful.

Pelicano said...

What a wonderful day you had! Thanks for sharing this glimpse into a fascinating community!

Anjali Koli said...

Wow! Look at the pictures, stunning I say!!!

Manisha you are a very special blogger buddy and you know it. I always look forward to what you have to say on matters beyond blogging. I cherish the bond I have built with you over these seven plus years.

Yes and the Koli market visit began with you. I am glad you spared time for me during that whirlwind trip.

That picture of me is my most favorite DP from the best photographer!

Hugs and loads of love, Red checks! :)*

Anjali Koli said...

Want to add I have been using all those gift you gave me. The Zatar you gave was used in my first catering order.

I made summer rolls from the rice paper you gave will publish that post soon, its been in the draft for very long!

Unknown said...

Thank you Manisha .. Colaba Fish Market as in Sassoon Dock or the main market.. I grew up there so it was fun seeing the Koli women. We used to grumble so much when we had to ride the No. 1 bus and they would load their fish baskets into the same bus on their way to VT. Our socks would smell :) today I am appreciative of them and their work! I spied my most favorite fish mandli - mandelim - golden fish. Oh my! I havent eaten it for decades .. Thank you for the trip down memory lane. Angela

AM said...

Oh no! Missed the winner announcement as I was travelling the past month. Oh well....Thanks anyways.