Bappa Morya Re!

And so it's here again. That 10 day festival to celebrate my favorite God. Yes, it's Ganesh Chaturthi!

Ganpati Bappa Morya!
Jai Ganesh!

This Ganesh head was made by my neighbor John who, needless to say, is an artist. He used cardboard boxes, papier-mâché, spines of a couple of chairs, shiny paper and lots of other things just lying around. It is a mask that was made as a surprise for us, a sweet gesture. Below is a picture of John wearing it earlier this summer.

John as Ganesh
Beer being hastily taken away, lest it offend anyone!

But I think Ganesh is such a fun God that he wouldn't be offended. In my view, man is offended, not God.

I have hopes of making some chavde tonight, because it's my sister's birthday according to the Hindu calendar. And if the planets align, I might even try my hand at making modak, the fried kind, tomorrow. If I do, it will be have only been 13 turns around the sun since I made them last.

Happy Ganesh Chaturthi!


Panfusine said...

You hit the nail on the head.. Its man who gets offended, not god.. Reading this brings a wide smile to the face. Thanks!

Ameeta said...

Ganapati Bappa Morya!!

Anita said...

We headed to the communal celebrations last evening to kick off the festivities! For that the final day is the Mahaprasad on Sunday.
My mother made the traditional roth for Vinayak Chaturthi and I will get my share later today!
Hope the universe conspired for modaks!

lata raja said...

Ganesha on the other hand will only be pleased! Don't we all make Him with anything and everything, leaf, chillis and garlic (as someone posted a picture few days ago) even the humblest turmeric mixed and fixed in a small mound is ganesh to us!
Happy festivities. May the remover of all obstacles bring much happiness to you and your family.

anna in spain said...

What a talented man!
I thought of you yesterday, Manisha, while watching a Swiss/French/Indian film called "Tandoori Love." I thought they were just being silly (filming Bollywood clips in the Swiss alps?) until one of my students told me they filmed one here in my city last month! To think I missed all the fun!
This afternoon I'm going to use Granny Smiths and nectarines to make some chutney--won't be anything like your gorgeous crabapple-peach extravaganza, but it should be good!
Happy Celebrations!!

Bong Mom said...

How sweet of your neighbor and that mask is one of the best I have seen

Raaga said...

Even I made modaks this year... despite the jetlag and all... I am hoping you did too!

Indian Food Rocks said...

Niv, I hope you had a good celebration!

Ameeta, pudchya varshi lavkar ya!

Anita, please add roth to my list. The planets will align for modaks soon, of that I am sure. Flashing lights in my head and the "Band cold" conspired to make sure that were no goodies for bappa.

Lata, I love the way you think! Thank you for that! Hugs!

Anna, they've been filming movies in the Alps for decades now. The hero and heroine would lead their lives in small villages or busy dusty cities in India but when they sand songs, they would frolic in the Alps and drive on the "wrong side" of the road in "foreign" cars! That's the draw! You might find this and this interesting! I hope your chutney was delicious!

BM, I still have to figure out how best to display it in my home!

Raaga, I will make them soon! So what if it's late! Maybe I will make them in time for Diwali! ;-D

Unknown said...

That is one of the most creative Ganeshji’s I have seen. As an Indian wedding caterer in the UK, I’d be very interested to find out what festive dishes are prepared in Maharashtra around Ganesh Chaturthi. Would anyone care to educate me?

turmericnspice said...

cute mask

Azzine said...

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