Sunday Snapshots: Rajasthani Dinner at Chokhi Dhani

Dinner Time!
Jimanro Samay

It's a sit-down meal
it's a sit-down meal, community-style

Hand Sanitizer time!
Hand-sanitizer time!

Dinner was so good!
Chutney, achaar, churma, homemade butter, vadas and 3 types of rotis

Line of bowls
The line of bowls, including Sarson ka saag

The bottomless plate
Truly a bottomless plate!

A good Rajasthani!
Like a good Rajasthani

Our hosts
they served us like we were guests in their home

Our ride?
Good thing our ride was waiting for us

All pictures taken at Chokhi Dhani, where a faux village is set up every night. Included in the admission fee is the most delicious Rajasthani vegetarian meal I have ever had. Chokhi Dhani is just outside Jaipur, Rajasthan. There is a Chokhi Dhani in Pune, Maharashtra but I have been told that it is much smaller.


Kulsum said...

aha! This is very similar to "apni dhani" where we dined in Udaipur. Or may be its exact same concept an food was AMAZING. The guy who was serving our food, forced has to have LADLES and LADLES of pure homemade ghee and butter on everything single thing we ate. Somehow I didn't mind it as much after a while, you could eat the butter alone, so good.

Anjali Koli said...

Rajasthani hospitality is among the best in India! They make you feel like royality absolutely!! In someplaces they even pour warm water with a spouted jug and let you wash your hands over a basin they hold for you as you wait to be served. The manager most times talks to patrons at every table. The food is endless and addictive. Beautiful pics. Love the anticipation on Medha's face.

notyet100 said...

Ummm I am nostalgic looking at pics ,...:)

GB said...

Droooooooooool! Now I'm hungry. :(

But I know we'll feast for dinner tonight because you just stoked the chef in me!

Bong Mom said...

Oooooooooooh this is beautiful. The pictures are so bright and vibrant, echoing Rajasthan truly.

Indian Food Rocks said...

My info is outdated. There are Chokhi Dhanis in Mumbai, Pune and several other cities!

Kulsum, how cool! I hadn't heard of Apni Dhani but I looked it up and yes, it sounds very similar. I think I put on several lbs that very night because of the ghee they poured onto my plate! It was *so* good!

Anjali, such wonderful people! They had a little counter where you had to take off your shoes. After that, they washed our hands just as you described!

notyet100, me too!

GB, well, you will have to tell me all about the delicious yummies you cooked!

BM, thank you! I want to go back soon!

amna said...

on the precise day that we went, they made a huge fuss about cameras and photography. they asked us to check in our cameras at the security stations at the entrance, but were allowed to carry our phones in. i mainly went in the interest of taking pics so this was a huge bummer. frustratingly, many others i know who went on other days never mentioned this. looks like you had no problems either.

Priya said...

Looking at the photos has made me extremely hungry now :( There is a similar place in Hyderabad called Dholaridhani. We went there a long time back, may be 6-7 yrs but I still crave the hot malpua's we were served at the end of the meal. The best I've had...

Priyanka@The Healthy Diary said...

This takes me back, I had been to chokhi dhani just a few months prior to coming to the US and I loved the food in Rajasthan!!!

Sorry for dropping a random comment here, but I have been more of a lurker of your blog up until now! Please do eat some ker sangri and batti chokha for me :)