Half Moon Bay

A quick drive to Half Moon Bay revealed a dramatic coastline, surfers galore, and excellent seafood.

patio-side late lunch

Cold beaches in July
a quick toe-dip in the cold ocean

Trail by the ocean
a stroll by the beach

We rode our bikes along a trail that was right by the edge of steep cliffs. My camera stayed in my bag as we held our breath and walked our bikes on several sections of this trail.

Flowers by the cliff
a burst of color by the cliffs

HMB Cliffs
waves smashing relentlessly on a rocky coastline

tricks on the surf


In tandem
a seed was sown

Golden Gate
Golden Gate Bridge, by night

We drove home the long way, via Golden Gate, instead of retracing our steps. I still have a lot to learn about night photography but this is a beginning!


Panfusine said...

a lovely treat to see the bay thru your lens Manisha!!

Madhu said...

Beautiful pictures

Yogi Kitchen said...

great pictures! I've been following your blog for a while here at Yogi Kitchen and we really enjoy it. Thanks! Adam.

Unknown said...

wow, that sounds like a lot of fun :)

Bong Mom said...

You are having a wonderful holiday Manisha. It has been years that we visited the half moon bay. Your pictures are gorgeous

Anonymous said...

beautiful pictures and fun filled days,
enjoyed your Indian clicks too

notyet100 said...

Lured all the clicks

Lee said...

Your pictures are wonderful. It looks as though you have settled in, hopefully in the perfect place, and are enjoying your free time.

Your bridge shot is ore than a beginning - it's spectacular.

Anita said...

That's a pretty good shot of the Golden Gate bridge! Loved the pics, Manisha; they convey a relaxed holiday mood!

john k.Tas. said...

lovely photos , Manisha.cheers