Friday Feature: Faces of India

Who: A homemade ice cream vendor, Kulfiwala and his customers
Where: Amer Fort, Jaipur, India
What: A young man and his helper earn a living by selling kulfi, homemade ice cream.

The Kulfiwala

Lady, take your kulfi
Lady, take your kulfi!

Oh no, I insist on paying
Man insists on paying for everyone in his group

Kulfi pot
The Kulfi pot

Man and Child eating kulfi
Man and child, eating kulfi


Soma said...

I want to be there soon!

Panfusine said...

The priceless small joys of life... Malai Kulfi, try getting that sensation from a tub of Ben & Jerry's

Sapna said...

So tempting ....and a unique way to serve it instead of on a leaf dona/drona!

cybergabi said...

Beautiful photos, beautiful people!

Manjusha Nimbalkar said... cool pics. Now time to post some kulfi recipe. Do you have any ?

Aparna Balasubramanian said...

"Like"! :D

TKW said...

What gorgeous people! Of course, I immediately wanted to scoop up that little girl! :)

Indian Food Rocks said...

Soma, and you will!

Niv, never been much of a fan of Ben & Jerry's. I used to love Parsi Dairy Farm's kulfi a lot!

Sapna, yup! That's what caught my eye, too!

Gabi, thanks!

Manjusha, still too cold to make ice cream and kulfi. In another month, yes!

Aparna, thanks!

TKW, she was super cute!

Anonymous said...

I love the uncle who is trying to pay for everyone's kulfi - I can imagine him pulling the note, not out of a wallet, but out of the top left breast pocket of his shirt, where it stays with other assorted currency notes, maybe a ball-pen, odd scraps of paper, and in earlier days, a really slim rexine covered address-diary, but now, probably a cellphone.