Paging Inji Pennu...

Inji Pennu of Ginger and Mango and The Green Blog Project can't be found. Emails to her are bouncing back. I'm hoping this is a technical glitch.

Hey Inji, if you're going to come back in another avatar, that's great! I just hope you haven't disappeared on us. :-(

I wanted to wish you a Happy Diwali, that's all! I hope all is well with you and yours!

Update 10/25: Inji's blog is back up! Yay! Welcome back, Inji!!


Anonymous said...

Manisha, your Jalebi story makes me laugh, but I know it is no laughing matter. I always admire the intricately made jalebis and enjoy eating them but this is one more reason to keep away from making them.

I have been wondering about InjiPennu too, wonder whats up.

Anonymous said...

Emails are bouncing means she might have accidentally cancelled her gmail id? If she used the same gmail id as the blogger login, her blog might disappear as the result of it? Anyway, I just hope she is working with the blogger support team to fix whatever problem it is, and we would be able to see her soon.

Belated Diwali wishes Manisha!

Anonymous said...

Indosungod, this Diwali I have been in a very upbeat mood! Even the mess and disasters haven't brought me down. Like today was a gulab jamun disaster! But unless I try my hand at these things I am never going to know or understand the science behind them. (See how I make it seem like such an important experiment?!)

It's not like Inji to totally disappear. Her GBP round-up was fantastic! I love her writing style so I am hoping she will be back soon!

RP, thank you for the Diwali wishes and a Happy Diwali to you, too! According to the Marathi Kalnirnay, it's Deepavali on Monday also - so you're right on time!

I don't know what Google has done with the new Blogger and if they are forcing gmail ids and linking everything to the Google account. Only they know!

I'm sure she'll be back with an amazing explanation!

Krithika said...

Jilebis look delicious ! This has been in my to-try list for a long time. Since we get excellent ones here I am not tempted to make them. Hope you had a great diwali

Anonymous said...

Hi Manisha, hope you don't mind my leaving a comment here; I've been missing Inji too, and hoping all's well.

Your jalebi story inspires me to try them at least once! They look lovely. Thanks for sharing :)

FH said...

I join the chorus, I am getting the same too! Hope she is alright!Happy Diwali Inji, if you see this here!!:)

Anonymous said...

Krithika, they were good but it was far too painful! We had a great Diwali! I hope you and your family did, too!

Linda and Asha, Inji's blog is back up and I am hoping it stays that way! It's one sure sign that she's fine.

Linda, you may want to try jhangris instead.

Anonymous said...

Oh! :) you thot about me.
I was hospitalized..had surgery and all..just barely
thanks a lot for thinking about me.
cant think stright..much..too much painkillers.

Anonymous said...

Inji!, it's so good to hear from you! I am so sorry you were unwell. I had a feeling something was not right. Lots and lots of strengthening thoughts and warm wishes are flowing your way from me. Please take all the rest you need to and get better soon! I really miss the fire and spirit that is so you! Please take care and if I can help in any way, please don't hesitate to let me know. You know where to reach me! Hugs to you! Get better soon!