Spring Salad

Delicious. Refreshing. Burst of flavors. 'nuff said.

Refreshing spring salad

Shyama, this is a Kraft recipe.
  • 1 bag (8oz) spring greens
  • 1 can mandarin oranges
  • 1 can beets, cut into thin slivers (or use fresh boiled beets)
  • 1/4 cup red onion, thin sliced
  • 1/2 cup sliced almonds
  • 1/2 cup Kraft's Light Raspberry Vinaigrette
  1. Drain the mandarin oranges, reserve 2-3 tbsp of the juice to add to the dressing
  2. Toss all the ingredients together
  3. Mix in the dressing
  4. Fill an extra large salad bowl with this salad, kick off those shoes or sandals, sit back and crunch into this colorful salad.

I like to add fresh crushed black pepper before I dig in. Mmmmm!


Lakshmi said...

the picture is perfect.just wanna have it.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Lakshmi! It's my favorite salad.

Anonymous said...

Manisha, that is indeed beautiful! That looks more like a work of art than anything to be chewed up and swallowed! I couldn't eat something SO pretty!:-) Can you tell me what went in to make it so colourful?!

Anonymous said...

Shyama, I updated the post just for you. ;-) Take a look.

Anonymous said...

Hey, thanks so much Manisha! But I have all the ingredients except Kraft's Light Raspberry Vinaigrette... which is what the salad is all about I guess and I want to taste that one so badly! I'm on this salad diet and am tired of olive oil, olive oil and still more olive oil and was so looking forward to something else. Is there any substitute for the Rasp Vin that comes to mind Manisha?:-(

Anonymous said...

Shyama, I hate to say this but Raspberry Vinaigrette has extra-virgin olive oil. So there's no getting away from that. Do you have access to raspberyy vinegar? If you do then you could whip up the dressing yourself.

Or, you could try a balsamic vinaigrette. That would go well with this, too.

For that matter, I think the simple Lebanese salad dressing will also work.

Anonymous said...

Uff...but atleast it has something of rasp in it. I love that!

I think I'd rather just visit you and have you make them for me than go scouting for rasp and balsamic:-) But yes, I think I've seen Lebanese dressing in stores here. Now,a silly question please: Can I in dire straits try Tartar sauce on it? (gulp) Forgive me if it is one of the most un-foodie things you've heard! But I have a bottle begging to be opened. Can I be kind on the bottle?

Ashwini said...

Pretty pic...I like the Chinese style salad with mandarins so this is def up my alley

Anonymous said...

Shyama, a very loud and resounding no to Tartar sauce! Eat the salad with a basic vinaigrette dressing (olive oil + vinegar + salt + crushed black pepper + any herbs you like) rather Tartar sauce. The latter is more of a dipping sauce and is actually nothing more than mayo mixed with relish (finely chopped pickled cucumber).

Why not make your own Lebanese dressing instead?

Ashwini, I've tossed chopped red delicious apples into this salad as well. I have also used walnuts instead of almonds. If you use the light salad dressing or make your own with extra-virgin olive oil, it's a very refreshing salad. It also helped 'cool' some of the fire in the Goan Fish Curry I made. :-D

Unknown said...

Very refreshing salad.

Anonymous said...

Ok baba, no Tartar...waaah...what should I do with that bottle now?:-( But thanks a real lot for that link to the Lebanese dressing... very makeable:-)

Prachi said...

Aiiiii, kiti chhan ranga! I'm also on a salad kick. And thanks for the lebanese recipe.
Accha, I hope I can post this. Last two times I posted a comment, it never appeared afterwards. I wonder what I did wrong.

Anonymous said...

Pushpa, I know I sound like a broken record, but...it is very refreshing indeed!

Shyama, make some Fish Pakodas and use your tartar sauce as a dipping sauce. Or use it as a spread on sandwiches.

Fran, no clue what happened to your previous comments. Blogger must have choked or packets were dropped along the pipeline. Sorry about that! I wish I weren't so lazy - I should move this blog to my server but...

And you know what they say about eating a colorful meal. The more color the better it is for you.

Sury said...

Such a pretty-looking salad. Like a beautiful garden in springtime. Great work, Manisha.

You might want to take a look at this link, btw:

http://athomewriting.blogspot.com/ (Check out the first link). I hope you enjoy it :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks Sury! I'm sorry I missed responding to your post earlier. Your writing makes for very amusing and easy reading!

Anonymous said...

I made this salad over the weekend. It's very easy to put together and it's so refreshing that even my kids loved it. It's a wonderful combination. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Hello Asha! It is a hit with the kids, isn't it? Despite the onions! I think it's the colors along with the flavors and the nuts. Welcome to IFR!